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2011 Calvin Regional Guide

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5 To Watch
Senior middle blocker Rebecca Kamp, Calvin
Senior middle hitter Katie Sumner, Wittenberg
Senior outside hitter Jackie Reinhart, Heidelberg
Senior libero Lindsey Russell, Otterbein
Junior setter Greer Bratschie, Hope

Random Factoid
This regional will feature at least three conference players of the year and three conference coaches of the year (pending the MWC and PAC awards)

Predicted Calvin Regional final
Wittenberg over Calvin

Predictions For the Other Regionals
Washington-St. Louis Regional: Washington-St. Louis over Elmhurst
Concordia-Moorhead Regional: Concordia-Moorhead over St. Thomas
Cal Lutheran Regional: Southwestern over Occidental
Eastern Regional: Eastern over Mount Union
Clarkson Regional: Cortland over Middlebury
Springfield Regional: Bowdoin over Tufts
Christopher Newport Regional: Emory over Christopher Newport

Printable National Bracket
Interactive National Bracket
Digital D-III Volleyball Championship program

The Schedule at Van Noord Arena in Grand Rapids, Mich.
NOV 10 (times eastern)
12:30 p.m. #3 Heidelberg (31-6) vs. #6 Geneva (27-8)
3:00 p.m. #2 Wittenberg (31-3) vs. #7 Rose-Hulman (24-8)
5:30 p.m. #4 Otterbein (26-5) vs. #5 Hope (24-6)
8:00 p.m. #1 Calvin (31-0) vs. #8 St. Norbert (26-7)
NOV 11
4:30 p.m. #2 Wittenberg (32-3) vs. #3 Heidelberg (32-6)
7:00 p.m. #1 Calvin (32-0) vs. #5 Hope (25-6)
NOV 12
7:00 p.m. #1 Calvin (33-0) vs. #2 Wittenberg (32-3)

CALVIN REGIONAL TEAM CAPSULES (all-conference will be added when available)

No. 1 seed Calvin College (31-0, No. 1 in Great Lakes Region, No. 1 AVCA)
Location: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nickname: Knights
Colors: Maroon, gold
Enrollment: 4,075
Founded: 1876
Key Wins: Hiram (3-2), Otterbein (3-1), Wittenberg (3-2), Heidelberg (3-1), Hope (3-0)(3-1)(3-0), Saint Benedict (3-0), Carthage (3-0), Millikin (3-1)
Losses: (None)
All-Conference Players (MIAA): Senior MB Rebecca Kamp (Player of the Year), sophomore S Megan Rietema (1st), junior MB Lizzie Kamp (1st), senior OH Erin VanderPlas (2nd), senior MB Renee DeHaan (2nd)

Team Leaders
Kills: Rebecca Kamp 365, Lizzie Kamp 302, Erin VanderPlas 231
Blocks: R. Kamp 125, Renee DeHaan 103, Megan Rietema 97
Assists: M. Rietema 1062, Kelly Peterson 31, Kelly Gordon 28
Digs: K. Peterson 242, K. Gordon 213, L. Kamp 200
Aces: Jennifer Pluymert 32, R. Kamp 30, M. Rietema 26

No. 2 seed Wittenberg University (31-3, No. 2 in Great Lakes Region, No. 5 AVCA)
Location: Springfield, Ohio
Nickname: Tigers
Colors: Red, white
Enrollment: 2,000
Founded: 1845
Key Wins: Emory (3-1), Juniata (3-1), Maryville-TN (3-1), Heidelberg (3-0), Hope (3-0), Hiram (3-0)(3-1)(3-0), Carthage (3-0)
Losses: Calvin (2-3), Otterbein (2-3), UW-Whitewater (0-3)
All-Conference Players (NCAC): Senior MH Katie Sumner (Player of the Year), senior OH Kimmie Dyer (1st), junior L Christina Gilene (2nd, Libero of the Year), senior RS
Christine Simpson (2nd), freshman setter Meghan Vodopich (Newcomer of the Year), HC Paco Labrador (Coach of the Year)

Team Leaders
Kills: Kimmie Dyer 289, Christine Simpson 196, Katie Sumner 190
Blocks: K. Sumner 86, Miranda Sagle 64, C. Simpson 63
Assists: Meghan Vodopich 523, Hallie Donathan 489, Courtney Lauber 120
Digs: Christina Gilene 489, K. Dyer 254, Hannah Riley 222
Aces: M. Vodopich 57, K. Dyer 42, C. Gilene 27

No. 3 seed Heidelberg University (31-6, No. 3 in Great Lakes Region, No. 13 AVCA)
Location: Tiffin, Ohio
Nickname: Student Princes
Colors: Red, orange, black
Enrollment: 1,200
Founded: 1850
Key Wins: Hiram (3-2), Hope (3-0), Otterbein (3-0), Nazareth (3-0), Case Western Reserve (3-1), Mount Union (3-1), Washington and Lee (3-1)
Losses: Wittenberg (0-3), Calvin (1-3), Lee (0-3), Juniata (2-3), Emory (0-3), Mount Union (2-3)
All-Conference Players (OAC): Senior OH Jackie Reinhart (Player of the Year), senior OH Venessa Haase (1st), junior MH Marian Bevington (1st), sophomore MH Amber Welfle (2nd), junior RS Jacki Street (HM), HC Jason Miller (Coach of the Year)

Team Leaders
Kills: Marian Bevington 311, Venessa Haase 268, Amber Welfle 262
Blocks: M. Bevington 121, A. Welfle 81, Jackie Reinhart 52
Assists: Rachel Ferguson 681, Alexa Frank 418, Stephanie Romie 100
Digs: Tessa Benanzer 544, J. Reinhart 461, V. Haase 399
Aces: V. Haase 52, J. Reinhart 37, T. Benanzer 29

No. 4 seed Otterbein University (26-5, No. 4 in Great Lakes Region, RV AVCA)
Location: Westerville, Ohio
Nickname: Cardinals
Colors: Tan, cardinal
Enrollment: 2,700
Founded: 1847
Key Wins: Transylvania (3-1), Hiram (3-0), Case Western Reserve (3-2), Geneva (3-0), Wittenberg (3-2), Mount Union (3-0)
Losses: Calvin (1-3), Northwestern-OH (2-3), Mount Union (1-3)(1-3), Heidelberg (0-3)
All-Conference Players (OAC): Senior L Lindsey Russell (1st, Libero of the Year), junior MH Ally Nagle (1st), freshman setter Tabatha Piper (2nd, Freshman of the Year), junior OH
Kristen Bennett (2nd), sophomore MB Liz Palmer (HM)

Team Leaders
Kills: Ally Nagle 299, Annie Juenger 295, Kristen Bennett 255
Blocks: Liz Palmer 97, K. Bennett 76, A. Nagle 75
Assists: Tabatha Piper 1094, Lindsey Russell 60, two tied with 33
Digs: L. Russell 558, Emily Caldwell 231, Renee Willke 229
Aces: R. Willke 46, A. Juenger 40, A. Nagle 35

No. 5 seed Hope College (24-6, No. 5 in Great Lakes Region, No. 14 AVCA)
Location: Holland, Mich.
Nickname: Flying Dutch
Colors: Orange, blue
Enrollment: 3,200
Founded: 1866
Key Wins: Case Western Reserve (3-0), Mount Union (3-0), Geneva (3-2), Rose-Hulman (3-0), Saint Benedict (3-1)
Losses: Wittenberg (0-3), Heidelberg (0-3), Calvin (0-3)(1-3)(0-3), Carthage (0-3)
All-Conference Players (MIAA): Junior S Greer Bratschie (1st), freshman OH Jenna Grasmeyer (1st, Freshman of the Year), junior OH Jessica Maier (2nd), sophomore MH Mari Schoolmaster (2nd)

Team Leaders
Kills: Jenna Grasmeyer 379, Jessica Maier 243, Courtney Earles 219
Blocks: Mari Schoolmaster 85, Nicole George 49, J. Grasmeyer 43
Assists: Greer Bratschie 1024, N. George 67, J. Maier 39
Digs: J. Maier 356, Lindy Melville 344, J. Grasmeyer 277
Aces: J. Grasmeyer 39, M. Schoolmaster 36, L. Melville 35

No. 6 seed Geneva College (27-8, NR in Great Lakes Region, NR AVCA)
Location: Beaver Falls, Penn.
Nickname: Golden Tornadoes
Colors: Gold, white
Enrollment: 1,638
Founded: 1848
Key Wins: Washington and Lee (3-1)
Losses: Hope (2-3), Case Western Reserve (0-3)(1-3), Mount Union (2-3), Otterbein (0-3), Hiram (0-3), Bethany-WV (1-3), Malone (2-3)
All-Conference Players (PAC): TBA

Team Leaders
Kills: Kristland McCracken 394, Maggie Bowersox 367, Ashley Davis 318
Blocks: M. Bowersox 87, R. Kuegler 44, Erin Smith 43
Assists: Deanna Briody 1396, Brianna Mixter 46, R. Kuegler 39
Digs: B. Mixter 764, R. Kuegler 393, D. Briody 373
Aces: K. McCracken 42, B. Mixter 36, two tied with 35

No. 7 seed Rose-Hulman Inst. of Technology (24-8, NR in Great Lakes Region, NR AVCA)
Location: Terre Haute, Ind.
Nickname: Fightin’ Engineers
Colors: Old rose, white
Enrollment: 1,840
Founded: 1874
Key Wins: Transylvania (3-2)
Losses: Texas-Dallas (2-3), DePauw (1-3)(1-3), Washington-St. Louis (0-3), Transylvania (0-3), Asbury (0-3), Hope (0-3), Bluffton (2-3)
All-Conference Players (HCAC): Junior OH Anna Lewer (1st), senior MH Karah Hickman (1st), senior S Leah Pelzel (HM), senior MH Morgan Williams (HM), HC Brenda Goble (Coach of the Year)

Team Leaders
Kills: Anna Lewer 307, Morgan Williams 285, Karah Hickman 283
Blocks: M. Williams 113, K. Hickman 110, Leah Pelzel 57
Assists: L. Pelzel 725, Kira Boswell 394, A. Lewer 31
Digs: A. Lewer 388, L. Pelzel 372, Kate Dangel 330
Aces: L. Pelzel 72, Casey Levitt 39, K. Boswell 39

No. 8 seed St. Norbert College (26-7, NR in Midwest Region, NR AVCA)
Location: De Pere, Wis.
Nickname: Green Knights
Colors: Green, gold
Enrollment: 2,084
Founded: 1898
Key Wins: Wheaton-IL (3-2)
Losses: Alma (1-3), Wheaton-IL (0-3), UW-Whitewater (2-3), UW Oshkosh (1-3), UW-Stevens Point (1-3)(2-3)(1-3)
All-Conference Players (MWC): TBA

Team Leaders
Kills: Danielle Remy 321, Breanne Brocker 284, Heidi Spies 183
Blocks: D. Remy 142, H. Spies 77, Lindsay Wiebe 59
Assists: Abby West 703, Carley Valentine 187, Emily Rohde 114
Digs: Catherine Guido 795, Mary Kate Manion 286, L. Wiebe 192
Aces: H. Spies 30, MK Manion 30, C. Guido 28

-Ricky Nelson

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  4. Bold prediction! Witt over Calvin! Are u doing a Chris Newport guide?


    November 10, 2011 at 10:14 am

  5. I won’t have time to do a CNU Guide unfortunately. I wish I could do them all.

    Do you have any predictions?


    November 10, 2011 at 11:30 am

  6. im terribly biased……I want Emory to go all the way….best Libero around (daughter). Honestly when you get to the final eight, anyone from the midwest, south can win. Witt,Calvin Wash-U and Emory are all good teams. Seen all but Calvin play live this year. Great athletes and exciting volleyball.


    November 10, 2011 at 1:20 pm

  7. If you have a horse in the race, Emory is a good one to have. I think EU is on everyone’s short list of contenders. If the Eagles make it to St. Louis, I’m definitely doing a Nationals Guide like I’ve done the past three seasons.


    November 10, 2011 at 1:49 pm

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