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2017 Nationals Guide

8 To Watch
Maddie Fischer, Wittenberg senior outside
Sara Carr, Emory sophomore outside
Margaux Arntson, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps senior opposite
Kate Walker, Johnson & Wales (R.I.) sophomore middle
Anna Kamp, Calvin junior outside
Nora Holtan, Gustavus Adolphus junior setter
Reagan Stone, Ithaca freshman opposite
Mehra den Braven, Swarthmore sophomore outside

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Illinois Wesleyan
Johnson & Wales

Schedule at Van Noord Arena in Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nov. 16 (times central)
11:30 a.m. #2 Emory (30-6) 1 vs. #7 Ithaca (24-8) 3
2 p.m. #3 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (28-5) 3 vs. #6 Gustavus Adolphus (26-6) 1
4:30 p.m. #1 Wittenberg (25-2) 3 vs. #8 Swarthmore (24-7) 0
7 p.m. #4 Johnson & Wales (R.I.) (35-0) 0 vs. #5 Calvin (29-3) 3
Nov. 17
4 p.m. #3 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (29-5) 3 vs. #7 Ithaca (25-8) 1
6:30 p.m. #1 Wittenberg (26-2) 3 vs. #5 Calvin (30-3) 0
Nov. 18
6 p.m. #1 Wittenberg (27-2) vs. #3 Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (30-5)


No. 1 Seed Wittenberg University 25-2 (No. 1 Great Lakes Region, No. 3 AVCA)
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Location: Springfield, Ohio
Nickname: Tigers
Colors: Red & white
Enrollment: 2,000
Founded: 1845
Famous Attendee: Jennifer Vanderpool, artist
Key Wins: Illinois Wesleyan (3-1); Emory (3-2); Johns Hopkins (3-1); Heidelberg (3-0); Thomas More (3-0); Clarkson (3-0); Washington-St. Louis (3-1); Ohio Northern (3-1)(3-0); Muskingum (3-1); DePauw (3-2)(3-0); Penn St. Behrend (3-0); Juniata (3-1).
Losses: Carthage (1-3); UW-Eau Claire (2-3).
All-Conference Players (NCAC): Senior OH Maddie Fischer (Player of the Year); junior S Karen Wildemann (1st); sophomore MB Aubrey Cox (1st); Paco Labrador (Coach of the Year).
All-Region Players (Great Lakes): Senior OH Maddie Fischer (1st); junior S Karen Wildemann (1st); sophomore MB Aubrey Cox (HM).
All-America Players: Junior S Karen Wildemann (1st); senior OH Maddie Fischer (HM).

Team Leaders
Kills: Maddie Fischer 334; Taylor Brown 201; Aubrey Cox 195
Assists: Karen Wildemann 899; Megan Flaherty 82; Madison Manger 56
Aces: M. Flaherty 32; K. Wildemann 32; M. Fischer 31
Digs: Taylor Yontz 482; M. Manger 311; T. Brown 297
Blocks: A. Cox 85; Kennedy Schmidt 72; Haley Horner 51

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 12.85 (44)
Hitting Percentage: .224 (34)
Digs/Set: 19.08 (21)
Blocks/Set: 2.09 (18)
Aces/Set: 1.80 (226)

No. 2 Seed Emory University 30-6 (No. 1 South Region, No. 7 AVCA)
Team Page Roster Schedule Stats Twitter Facebook
Location: Atlanta, Ga.
Nickname: Eagles
Colors: Blue & gold
Enrollment: 7,916
Founded: 1836
Famous Attendee: Ernie Harwell, sportscaster
Key Wins: Johns Hopkins (3-1); Illinois Wesleyan (3-2); Claremont-Mudd-Scripps (3-1); Juniata (3-0); Bowdoin (3-0); Heidelberg (3-1); Covenant (3-0); Rochester (3-0); Birmingham-Southern (3-2); Washington & Lee (3-0); Randolph-Macon (3-2); Berry (3-0)(3-0); Carnegie Mellon (3-2); Worcester St. (3-0); Christopher Newport (3-0).
Losses: Wittenberg (2-3); Chicago (1-3); Berry (0-3); Washington-St. Louis (2-3)(1-3); Carnegie Mellon (2-3).
All-Conference Players (UAA): Sophomore OH Sara Carr (1st); sophomore L Elyse Thompson (2nd); sophomore OH Morgan McKnight (2nd); freshman RS Leah Saunders (HM, Rookie of the Year); junior S Mady Arles (HM).
All-Region Players (South): Sophomore OH Sara Carr (Player of the Year); sophomore L Elyse Thompson (1st); sophomore OH Morgan McKnight (1st).
All-America Players: Sophomore OH Sara Carr (1st); sophomore L Elyse Thompson (3rd); sophomore OH Morgan McKnight (HM).

Team Leaders
Kills: Sara Carr 391; Morgan McKnight 352; Leah Saunders 312
Assists: Mady Arles 711; Sarah Porter 533; Elyse Thompson 104
Aces: E. Thompson 54; S. Porter 31; Becky Breuer 25
Digs: E. Thompson 632; S. Carr 293; S. Porter 175
Blocks: Sydney Leimbach 60; Carly Saitman 53; L. Saunders 50

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 13.97 (3)
Hitting Percentage: .240 (16)
Digs/Set: 17.76 (68)
Blocks/Set: 1.81 (84)
Aces/Set: 1.87 (193)

No. 3 Seed Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges 28-5 (No. 2 West Region, No. 6 AVCA)
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Location: Claremont, Calif.
Nickname: Athenas
Colors: Cardinal & gold
Enrollment: 3,128 (total)
Founded: Scripps (1926); Claremont McKenna (1946); Harvey Mudd (1955)
Famous Attendee: Pinky Nelson (Harvey Mudd), astronaut
Key Wins: Brockport (3-0); UW-Eau Claire (3-0); Texas Dallas (3-0)(3-1); Pacific Lutheran (3-2); Juniata (3-0); La Verne (3-0)(3-2); Whittier (3-0)(3-0); Southwestern (3-1); Colorado College (3-1).
Losses: Millikin (1-3); Trinity-TX (1-3); Emory (1-3); Lee (0-3); Chapman (2-3).
All-Conference Players (SCIAC): Senior RS Margaux Arntson (Player of the Year); senior S Clara Madsen (1st); senior L Mikena Werner (1st); freshman MB Melanie Moore (1st); senior RS Shelbi Stein (2nd); Kurt Vlasich (Coach of the Year).
All-Region Players (West): Senior RS Margaux Arntson (Player of the Year); senior S Clara Madsen (1st); senior L Mikena Werner (1st); senior RS Shelbi Stein (HM).
All-America Players: Senior RS Margaux Arntson (1st); senior L Mikena Werner (2nd); Clara Madsen (HM).

Team Leaders
Kills: Margaux Arntson 311; Crystal Anderson 224; Shelbi Stein 216
Assists: Clara Madsen 704; Phoebe Madsen 463; Mikena Werner 145
Aces: C. Madsen 48; M. Werner 42; P. Madsen 32
Digs: M. Werner 542; Sarah Tritschler 268; P. Madsen 256
Blocks: Regan Dinovitz 88; Melanie Moore 66; M. Arntson 55

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 13.41 (14)
Hitting Percentage: .255 (6)
Digs/Set: 16.96 (125)
Blocks/Set: 2.09 (19)
Aces/Set: 1.84 (211)

No. 4 Seed Johnson & Wales University 35-0 (No. 1 New England Region, No. 8 AVCA)
Team Page Roster Schedule Stats Twitter Facebook
Location: Providence, R.I.
Nickname: Wildcats
Colors: Blue, white
Enrollment: 9,324
Founded: 1914
Famous Attendee: Graham Elliot, chef
Key Wins: Kean (3-0); Maine Maritime (3-0); Wheaton-MA (3-0); Bowdoin (3-0); MIT (3-0)(3-2); Clark (3-0); UMass Boston (3-0); Wesleyan (3-1)(3-2); Susquehanna (3-0); Juniata (3-2); Elms (3-0).
Losses: [None].
All-Conference Players (GNAC): Sophomore OH Maria Coniglio (1st); sophomore S Brylee Frank (1st); freshman L Elyssa Nicolas (1st, Libero of the Year); sophomore MB Kate Walker (2nd); junior OH Katie Leidhold (2nd); freshman MB Hannah Dolan (2nd, Rookie of the Year); freshman RS Gabbie Scudder (3rd); Nancy Somera (Coach of the Year).
All-Region Players (New England): Sophomore MB Kate Walker (Player of the Year); sophomore OH Maria Coniglio (1st); sophomore S Brylee Frank (1st); junior OH Katie Leidhold (1st); Nancy Somera (Coach of the Year).
All-America Players: Sophomore MB Kate Walker (1st); sophomore OH Maria Coniglio (HM); sophomore S Brylee Frank (3rd); junior OH Katie Leidhold (HM); Nancy Somera (Coach of the Year).

Team Leaders
Kills: Maria Coniglio 304; Kate Walker 259; Katie Leidhold 228
Assists: Brylee Frank 1,093; Mikayla Arimura 152; Elyssa Nicolas 56
Aces: B. Frank 40; K. Leidhold 38; Gianna Esposito 32
Digs: E. Nicolas 409; M. Coniglio 296; K. Leidhold 213
Blocks: K. Walker 82; Hannah Dolan 67; B. Frank 46

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 13.61 (7)
Hitting Percentage: .328 (1)
Digs/Set: 16.50 (164)
Blocks/Set: 1.73 (95)
Aces/Set: 2.34 (66)

No. 5 Seed Calvin College 29-3 (No. 4 Great Lakes Region, No. 2 AVCA)
Team Page Roster Schedule Stats Twitter Facebook
Location: Grand Rapids, Mich.
Nickname: Knights
Colors: Maroon & gold
Enrollment: 3,918
Founded: 1876
Famous Attendee: Betsy DeVos, politician
Key Wins: Trinity-TX (3-0); Cal Lutheran (3-2); Kean (3-0); Millikin (3-2)(3-0); Ithaca (3-1); Washington-St. Louis (3-2); Carthage (3-2).
Losses: Aurora (0-3); Illinois Wesleyan (1-3); Colorado College (0-3).
All-Conference Players (MIAA): Junior OH Anna Kamp (Player of the Year); senior S Jenna Lodewyk (1st); sophomore MH Sarah DeVries (1st); junior L Keilahna Castillo (2nd); senior OH Tessa Van Laare (2nd).
All-Region Players (Great Lakes): Junior OH Anna Kamp (Player of the Year); senior S Jenna Lodewyk (1st); sophomore MH Sarah DeVries (1st); junior L Keilahna Castillo (HM).
All-America Players: Junior OH Anna Kamp (Player of the Year); senior S Jenna Lodewyk (2nd); sophomore MH Sarah DeVries (2nd).

Team Leaders
Kills: Anna Kamp 458; Sarah DeVries 353; Tessa Van Laare 224
Assists: Jenna Lodewyk 1,051; Keilahna Castillo 120; S. DeVries 70
Aces: Emily Blankespoor 70; K. Castillo 53; Kristen Vyletel 39
Digs: K. Castillo 374; A. Kamp 259; J. Lodewyk 229
Blocks: S. DeVries 106; Ally Fea 92; Sydney Segard 56

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 13.31 (18)
Hitting Percentage: .279 (2)
Digs/Set: 14.33 (336)
Blocks/Set: 1.98 (35)
Aces/Set: 2.35 (62)

No. 6 Seed Gustavus Adolphus College 26-6 (No. 2 Central Region, No. 16 AVCA)
Team Page Roster Schedule Stats Twitter Facebook
Location: St. Peter, Minn.
Nickname: Golden Gusties
Colors: Black & gold
Enrollment: 2,450
Founded: 1862
Famous Attendee: Steve Zahn, actor
Key Wins: UW-Stevens Point (3-1); Minnesota Morris (3-0); UW-Eau Claire (3-0); Chicago (3-0); UW-La Crosse (3-1); Wartburg (3-1)(3-1); Luther (3-0); St. Thomas (3-0); Aurora (3-1); Northwestern (3-1).
Losses: Millikin (2-3); Bethel (2-3); Northwestern (2-3); Concordia-MN (0-3); Saint Benedict (1-3); Augsburg (1-3).
All-Conference Players (MIAC): Junior S Nora Holtan (Player of the Year); junior OH Hanna Albers (1st); junior L Brittany Luethmers (1st, Co-Defensive Player of the Year); freshman OH Kate Holtan (1st, Rookie of the Year).
All-Region Players (Central): Junior S Nora Holtan (1st); freshman OH Kate Holtan (1st, Freshman of the Year); junior L Brittany Luethmers (HM).
All-America Players: Junior S Nora Holtan (1st); freshman OH Kate Holtan (HM).

Team Leaders
Kills: Kate Holtan 386; Hanna Albers 353; Lauren Hanson 280
Assists: Nora Holtan 1,147; Brittany Luethmers 123; H. Albers 42
Aces: N. Holtan 39; Abby Leitch 34; H. Albers 32
Digs: B. Luethmers 579; N. Holtan 340; A. Leitch 305
Blocks: Sam Haugen 66; K. Holtan 55; Claire Laakso 46

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 13.73 (6)
Hitting Percentage: .231 (29)
Digs/Set: 18.33 (43)
Blocks/Set: 1.61 (138)
Aces/Set: 1.69 (272)

No. 7 Seed Ithaca College 24-8 (No. 3 New York Region, RV AVCA)
Team Page Roster Schedule Stats Twitter Facebook
Location: Ithaca, N.Y.
Nickname: Bombers
Colors: Blue & gold
Enrollment: 6,969
Founded: 1892
Famous Attendee: Karl Ravech, sportscaster
Key Wins: Swarthmore (3-1); Mary Washington (3-0); Fredonia (3-0); Clarkson (3-1); Eastern (3-0); Carnegie Mellon (3-1); Endicott (3-0); Stevens (3-1); Babson (3-1).
Losses: Colorado College (1-3); Whittier (1-3); Berry (2-3); Juniata (2-3); Vassar (1-3); Calvin (1-3); Stevens (1-3); Clarkson (2-3).
All-Conference Players (Liberty): Freshman RS Reagan Stone (1st, Rookie of the Year); sophomore S Caitlin Floyd (1st); senior OH Joelle Goldstein (2nd); junior MH Amanda Cerruti (HM); junior L Tara Stilwell (HM); junior MH Katie Evans (HM).
All-Region Players (New York): Freshman RS Reagan Stone (1st, Freshman of the Year); sophomore S Caitlin Floyd (HM); senior OH Joelle Goldstein (HM).
All-America Players: Freshman RS Reagan Stone (HM).

Team Leaders
Kills: Reagan Stone 352; Joelle Goldstein 306; Katie Evans 219
Assists: Caitlin Floyd 1,067; Delaney Runyon 178; Kayla Gromen 59
Aces: Tara Stilwell 48; J. Goldstein 37; K. Gromen 35
Digs: T. Stilwell 545; J. Goldstein 304; K. Gromen 269
Blocks: Amanda Cerruti 88; R. Stone 62; K. Evans 61

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 13.13 (24)
Hitting Percentage: .208 (68)
Digs/Set: 15.36 (250)
Blocks/Set: 1.67 (119)
Aces/Set: 1.90 (182)

No. 8 Seed Swarthmore College 24-7 (No. 6 Mid-Atlantic Region, NR AVCA)
Team Page Roster Schedule Stats Twitter Facebook
Location: Swarthmore, Pa.
Nickname: Garnet
Colors: Garnet & gray
Enrollment: 1,620
Founded: 1864
Famous Attendee: Michael Dukakis, politician
Key Wins: Stockton (3-1); Cabrini (3-0); Eastern (3-0); Muhlenberg (3-0)(3-1); Randolph-Macon (3-0); Carnegie Mellon (3-0); Johns Hopkins (3-2).
Losses: Salisbury (0-3); Stevenson (0-3); Ithaca (1-3); Juniata (0-3); McDaniel (1-3); Johns Hopkins (2-3)(1-3).
All-Conference Players (Centennial): Sophomore OH Mehra den Braven (1st); junior L Sarah Girard (1st); senior OH Sarah Wallace (2nd).
All-Region Players (North): Sophomore OH Mehra den Braven (1st).
All-America Players: Sophomore OH Mehra den Braven (HM).

Team Leaders
Kills: Mehra den Braven 345; Sarah Wallace 306; Olivia Leventhal 181
Assists: Malia Scott 953; Sarah Girard 117; Alyssa Nathan 60
Aces: S. Girard 53; Guin Mesh 46; M. den Braven 39
Digs: S. Girard 559; M. den Braven 384; S. Wallace 330
Blocks: Emma Morgan-Bennett 70; Alice Liu 47; M. Scott 35

Team Stats (National Rank)
Kills/Set: 12.93 (37)
Hitting Percentage: .185 (128)
Digs/Set: 19.06 (22)
Blocks/Set: 1.60 (140)
Aces/Set: 2.13 (108)

-Ricky Nelson

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November 13, 2017 at 12:51 am

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  1. […] Ricky Nelson has done a preview of the eight teams, which you can find here. […]

  2. Found out that Anna Kamp receives yellow card in Regional Championship for yelling at refs & still is tournament MVP? Lost some respect for calvin this weekend


    November 13, 2017 at 10:52 pm

  3. Anon @ 10:52 pm,
    She wasn’t the only one to get a yellow in Bloomington. Not ideal, but I’m OK when a player’s passion bucket overflows from time to time. Action, consequence, move on.

    In a related note, shout out to JWU HC Somera for not getting a yellow or red in the regional final. The players and fans also handled that lengthy delay rather well.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    November 14, 2017 at 1:41 am

  4. If you missed the controversy in the JWU-MIT match, JWU has the webcast still available on demand.

    The wheels of the resulting incident began at about the 1:34:00 mark of the stream, although you may as well start at 1:31:00 for a proper clipboard toss.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    November 14, 2017 at 2:03 am

  5. Yes, the dance party started by the J&W players half way through the delay was interesting. Some of us in attendance were hoping for a pizza delivery. It was only 8-5 when they noticed something, should have reinvented the wheel in less time than they did.


    November 14, 2017 at 5:58 pm

  6. I was at the Illinois Wesleyan regional and I don’t remember Kamp getting a yellow card. Maybe I missed it.


    November 16, 2017 at 4:35 pm

  7. Blockmeister,
    I didn’t see her get one either. I did see Millikin get a yellow very late in the match.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    November 16, 2017 at 4:56 pm

  8. Yes, the Millikin girl got one for trying to stall by tying her shoe. Great blog by the way–I just found it.


    November 16, 2017 at 5:29 pm

  9. Kamp got yellow carded for yelling at ref over a ball that was 2 feet in the court. I believe it was during the fourth set when Carthage was up and about to push them to 5.


    November 16, 2017 at 8:40 pm

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