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2017 Pre-Championship Manual is online

The 2017 NCAA Division III Pre-Championship Manual has been published. The FAQ page has been updated.

Big Stuff
43 Pool A bids, 1 Pool B bid, 20 Pool C bids (same as last season)
Regional Rankings: 10/18; 10/25; 11/1; 11/6
Online selection show: 11/6 at 12:30 p.m. (EST)
Regionals: 11/9-11 and 11/10-12
Finals: 11/16-18 in Grand Rapids, Mich.

National Committee
Central: Beth Wilmeth
Great Lakes: Sue Hozak
Mid-Atlantic: Marie Stroman
Midwest: Matt Schoultz, chair
New England: Moira Long
New York: Johan Dulfer
South: Becky Hall
West: Ed Garza

And because you love math, the 2017 access ratio is 420 (Pool A teams) ÷ 43 (Pool A conferences) = 9.767, which gets truncated to 9. There are 11 Pool B teams, so there will be a Pool B bid until either the newly formed ACAA gains an automatic bid or a few more independent teams pull a Rust and leave the division.
The Pre-Championship Manual says there are 16 Pool A eligible programs in the USA South, but I counted 17.

-Ricky Nelson

Written by Ricky Nelson

September 26, 2017 at 12:10 am

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  1. Thank you for this info. Looking at the Bracket Exhibit, another big improvement this year is the reseeding of the 8 teams that qualify for the Finals. Should make the NCAA Finals more competitive and interesting than ever!


    September 26, 2017 at 10:42 am

  2. Check out Page 8…apparently the finals will be played on a FIELD HOCKEY pitch. Someone at the NCAA was sleeping at the wheel when the manual went out to press.


    September 26, 2017 at 3:31 pm

  3. Anon @ 3:31 p.m.,
    I forgot to say that this year’s finals is a grass triples tourney. Should be fun.
    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    September 26, 2017 at 3:47 pm

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