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11/19/16: Calvin wins its 3rd national title

National Championship Match
#2 Calvin 3, #16 Washington-St. Louis 0 CC’s Kamp had 13 kills.

Congratulations to Calvin. What a great team and program.

Thank you again to all who stopped to say hello, and I hope you enjoyed your time in Oshkosh regardless of the results on the court.

That written, I am exhausted (probably just out of shape). This guy wrote a lot of words, talked a lot of words and walked a lot of miles this week. As a capital-F Former athlete turned writer, I’m no longer used to doing two of those things.

Thank you for also apparently spreading the word about this blog. It started as a class project years ago and grew into a place where nearly 3,000 people visited on the Sunday before this year’s selections? C’mon. That’s pretty cool. I’ve only met a few dozen of you in person or electronically, but it’s safe to say that the Division III women’s volleyball community is good people.

Yes, I did pick up on the clear fact that several people in Oshkosh this weekend knew who I was and were absolutely not on board with this blog. I like you though. It’s just that we disagree sometimes. And that’s OK.

I will get around to putting a bow on the season over the next week or so. For now, I have a few more stories to write before calling it a day. What a weekend.

-Ricky Nelson


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November 19, 2016 at 11:15 pm

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