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11/13/16: #5 EU, #7 SU, #13 EU, #14 UMW, Tufts reach Elite 8

Brockport Final
#5 Emory 3, Brockport 0 EU’s Holler hit 13-1-22 with 4 blocks.

Mary Washington Final
#14 Mary Washington 3, #10 Juniata 1 UMW’s Powers had 13 kills.

Stevens Final
#13 Eastern 3, Stevens 0 EU’s Weigel had 16 kills, 11 digs.

Texas Dallas Final
#7 Southwestern 3, #4 Texas Dallas 2 SU’s Duck had 21 kills, 16 digs, 6 aces.

Tufts Final
Tufts 3, Springfield 1 TU’s Bright had 18 kills.

-Ricky Nelson


Written by Ricky Nelson

November 13, 2016 at 12:05 am

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  1. Enjoyed myself at the UTD regional.

    Southwestern and La Verne was a great match. Good comeback from the eventual champions. If they get their outsides rolling, they will be a tough team this week. La Verne was all about Robinson in the middle. She was the reason they went up 2 games to 1. She still played great in games 4 and 5 but SU was getting hands on a lot of her hits and kept the rallies going. You have to terminate against SU.

    Claremont destroyed CC in game one. I mean destroyed. It was a cat playing with a mouse. A sweep was coming. No doubt. Game 2 and CC just kept a 3 point lead through most of the game. Then stretched it to 6 before CMS closed the gap a bit before losing. The CMS blocking game just wasn’t there. CC was hitting down and around. Holtze had her normal great game and I was sad to see her walk off the court after her last game as a senior the next day. The surprise to me was Harris. At some point she started playing front row RS and just flying. I’ve seen CC play a few times this year but didn’t remember her at all. Claremont just looked confused after game 2. Over confident? Maybe. They just looked like they were waiting for CC to lose and the Tigers just played a really great game. The biggest shock of the weekend for me although I really thought CC matched up well against CMS.

    Only saw part of Trinity and Hendrix, who I didn’t know a lot about. Their libero was different than the last time I saw them and someone said she was ill against SU and UTD a couple of weeks earlier. Not sure if she was the difference maker or not. Trinity just had problems putting the ball down. Trinity’s Smith has to have a big game for them to be successful and she just had too many errors. I was slightly surprised by this result.

    I didn’t bother with the UTD and Whitworth match as I was hungry. I had an official tell me to watch out for Whitworth as they were playing great of late and I pointed out they hadn’t played anyone of note. This game went as I had thought. The only sweep from the first day.

    Fourth meeting for CC and SU. I guess the SoCal people were probably surprised by this match-up. SU really dominated this match and a sweep was the result. SU had all of their hitters going for most of the match as Holtze and Harris did what they could. The major problem for CC was their small RS players. They ran a small setter and Harris front row and the SU outsides feasted. The setters were just feeding the beast and the beast ate well. CC swapped their rotation in the last game but it really didn’t make any sense. CC has a really good senior setter that never saw the court. A 6-2 or 5-2 formation may have given them life but SU was rolling so it probably didn’t matter.

    Hendrix and UTD was the best match of the weekend…whoops maybe not. Defense and blocking was the name of this game. UTD defensively looked like a ballet. So fluid. They all buy in defensively but I really enjoy watching Zeng on the back row. Hendrix did well when their blocking was on (Dyslin with 4 solos and 10 assists). Game 4 had UTD with 3 match points only to see Hendrix claw back to force a 5th. We didn’t know at the time that this was child’s play…only 3 match points…easy. UTD jumped on Hendrix at the turn in game 5 and won the match. Great home crowd and student support. Love seeing our sport get that from the students.

    UTD jumped all over SU at their senior night a few weeks back. SU was out of system the entire night and, I guess, turnabout was fair play because this match was all about service and passing and SU had it going. First two games and SU was really in control. Played in system while UTD struggled with service receive. SU would have 12 aces by the end of the match (Duck with 6). This really looked like a sweep in game 3 with SU up 21-19 and the crowd quiet but UTD rolled 6 straight points with Zeng serving and took the win. The gym was jumping! Game 4 was all SU and this one was done at 24-18. Six match points. That’s right SIX! UTD storms back to win 27-25 and the gym is going crazy! At this point it’s obvious that SU is the better team but can’t close out UTD. Game 5 starts with SU and Duck serving and getting 2 aces. SU has a 3 point lead at the turn after two kills by Duck. UTD closes to one point but two kills by Yu has it back to a 2 point lead. SU has it 13-11 and here comes UTD for a third time! 13-13 behind a service error and a UTD ace that hits the foot of an SU player on a ball that may have been out. UTD has this, right? A great kill by Duck and then a long rally that ends with a ball probably going out that is touched by UTD ends it. Great match…a Classic!

    Watched the end of the Cal Lu match with Northwestern. I just kept waiting for Cal Lu to terminate more and it didn’t happen. Shocked they didn’t win that bracket but props to NW. If you had told Cal Lu that CMS would go out in the first round at UTD, I bet they would have liked their chances there instead. Oh well, the king is dead, time to crown a new one.


    November 14, 2016 at 10:36 am

  2. Thanks for the boring recap


    November 14, 2016 at 11:01 am

  3. Well DIIIFan, at least you’re just boring and not a Trump commie. :)

    Didn’t get a chance to watch the UTD/SU final because I was on the way home from the Whitewater regional. I did get a chance to pull up the live stats and it happened to be where SU was up 24-18 and watched in disbelief as UTD rallied to win. All I could think of was that the gym must have been going nuts.

    Thanks for filling us in …



    November 15, 2016 at 9:37 pm

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