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2016 NCAA regional rankings: Chicago enters at #8 in Midwest

The NCAA published the second set of 2016 regional rankings today.

Central (Last Week Rank)
1 (1). Northwestern
2 (2). Gustavus Adolphus
3 (4). Washington-St. Louis
4 (5). Augsburg
5 (3). St. Thomas
6 (7). Luther
7 (6). Saint Mary’s (Minn.)
8 (8). Wartburg

1 (1). UW-La Crosse
2 (3). UW-Whitewater
3 (4). UW-Oshkosh
4 (2). Elmhurst
5 (7). Millikin
6 (5). UW-Eau Claire
7 (6). UW-Stevens Point
8 (NR). Chicago
Dropped out: No. 8 Illinois Wesleyan

Top four teams in other regions:
Great Lakes: 1. Calvin; 2. Wittenberg; 3. Ohio Northern; 4. DePauw.
Mid-Atlantic: 1. Mary Washington;  2. Juniata; 3. Eastern; 4. Carnegie Mellon.
New England: 1. Tufts; 2. MIT; 3. Springfield; 4. UMass Boston.
New York: 1. Stevens; 2. Ithaca; 3. Ramapo; 4. Brockport.
South: 1. Emory; 2. Randolph-Macon; 3. Hendrix; 4. Birmingham-Southern.
West: 1. Claremont-Mudd-Scripps; 2. Cal Lutheran; 3. Southwestern; 4. Texas Dallas.

-Ricky Nelson


Written by Ricky Nelson

October 26, 2016 at 12:04 am

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  1. Well, shout out to Ricky as his take on the west was closer than mine! Hate that man.

    It appears that record against ranked opponents really shook things up in the west and it appears in other regions, too (man, who’s puppy did Johnson and Wales kick?). We wondered if this criteria was used the first week and it appears it wasn’t due to the changes I’m seeing. It also appears that this criteria carried a lot of weight, too.

    Where I went wrong in the west:

    * I thought Trinity and SU would swap positions but would have been fine with them staying the same. I did not see Trinity dropping to 6 (more on this later). I had SU and Trinity in a tie when looking at them and judging the criteria. I put more stock in SOS where it looks like the RAC liked the ranked wins SU had versus what Trinity had. Ok, fine…but not sure I agree.

    * I knew UTD was a ranking problem this week but thought the RAC would just postpone things a week with them because they really haven’t earned it, yet (.554 SOS…blah). The comparison between UTD and Trinity is almost a carbon copy of the SU and Trinity. The West RAC looks to value ranked opponent wins over SOS and even common opponents. My BIG problem with UTD making this jump is that they leaped over CC, which is the team that gave UTD their only loss this year (and who Trinity has beaten TWICE). No matter how you look at it, CC should be ranked over UTD with their head-to-head and SOS advantage. I just don’t get this.

    * Wow! La Verne jumps Trinity, too…and Trinity beat La Verne head-to-head! When I look at the criteria, I guess I can make a case for it because the SOS is only slightly in favor of Trinity and you could make an argument that LV takes the other criteria. But, still, to discount a H2H win is a HUGE no-no in my book and the West RAC has done it twice in order to push up UTD and La Verne.

    * Big losers this week are the SCAC and Trinity. Trinity has a 5-5 record against ranked opponents, which appears to be their undoing. Their losses are Cal Lu, CMS, SU, Oshkosh and Whitewater. I’m sorry, they should not be dropped to 6th because of that! They have beaten CC twice, SU, Elmhurst and La Verne.

    * I figured Whitworth would make an appearance over Puget Sound at #8 due to recent PS losses. Looking at the criteria, I made a mistake here and PS should still be ranked higher. I don’t really consider myself wrong in this case…just a week early.

    Summary – I don’t like what the West RAC did this week. Discounting H2H match-ups and overvaluing the record against ranked opponents seems to be the marching orders this week, and I’m not on board. Conspiracy theory #492 – Do RACs look at the records of ranked opponents and specifically the victories of out-of-region ranked opponents more so they can order their region to be lined up against other regions better? Putting Trinity higher puts us at a disadvantage against the Midwest but moving UTD up helps us against the Central and GL. SU owns the Mid Atlantic in a sense with their wins over MW, CNU and JH. I know they don’t, but the thought flashed in my head when I saw the rankings.


    October 26, 2016 at 4:57 pm

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