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9/17/16: #19 WUSTL bests #1 CLU in 5

Wittenberg Classic
#1 Cal Lutheran, #5 Juniata, #3 Calvin, #8 Wittenberg, #19 Washington-St. Louis, #22 Elmhurst, Heidelberg
#3 Calvin 3, #5 Juniata 0; #19 Washington-St. Louis 3, Heidelberg 2; #8 Wittenberg 3, #22 Elmhurst 1; #19 Washington-St. Louis 3, #1 Cal Lutheran 2; Heidelberg 3, #5 Juniata 0; #3 Calvin 3, #8 Wittenberg 1.

DePauw Invite
#6 Hope, #24 Millikin, DePauw, Hanover, Trine, Rose-Hulman
#6 Hope 3, Rose-Hulman 1; #6 Hope 3, #24 Millikin 0; #24 Millikin 3, DePauw 0.

UW-Eau Claire Tourney
#10 UW-Stevens Point, #12 Bethel, UW-Eau Claire, Gustavus Adolphus, St. Thomas, Concordia (Minn.), UW-Stout, Dominican, Lakeland, St. Norbert
St. Thomas 3, Lakeland 0; #10 UW-Stevens Point 3, Concordia (Minn.) 0; St. Thomas 3, UW-Stout 1; UW-Eau Claire 3, Concordia (Minn.) 0; #12 Bethel 3, St. Norbert 1; Gustavus Adolphus 3, Lakeland 0; #10 UW-Stevens Point 3, Dominican 0; #12 Bethel 3, UW-Stout 0; Gustavus Adolphus 3, Dominican 1; UW-Eau Claire 3, St. Norbert 2.

Carthage Invite
Carthage, Concordia Wisconsin, Chicago, Carroll
Carthage 3, Concordia Wisconsin 1; Chicago 3, Carthage 1; Concordia Wisconsin 3, Carroll 0; Chicago 3, Carroll 0.

UMAC Preview
#25 Northwestern, Minnesota Morris, St. Scholastica, UW-Superior, Martin Luther, Bethany Lutheran, Northland, North Central, Crown
#25 Northwestern 3, UW-Superior 0; Minnesota Morris 3, St. Scholastica 1; St. Scholastica 3, UW-Superior 0; #25 Northwestern 3, Martin Luther 0; Minnesota Morris 3, Martin Luther 1; North Central 3, Northland 2; North Central 3, Bethany Lutheran 1; Bethany Lutheran 3, Crown 1; Crown 3, Northland 2.

Wartburg Classic
Wartburg, Saint Benedict, Augsburg, Luther, Buena Vista, St. Olaf
Wartburg 3, Saint Benedict 0; Wartburg 3, St. Olaf 0; Saint Benedict 3, Buena Vista 0; Augsburg 3, Buena Vista 0; Luther 3, Augsburg 2; Luther 3, St. Olaf 2.

Ripon Invite
Saint Mary’s (Minn.), Ripon, Dubuque, St. Catherine, Lawrence, Alverno
Dubuque 3, Alverno 0; Saint Mary’s (Minn.) 3, Lawrence 1; Ripon 3, Alverno 0; St. Catherine 3, Lawrence 1; Saint Mary’s (Minn.) 3, Ripon 1; Dubuque 3, St. Catherine 1.

Augustana Classic
Augustana, Illinois College, Wisconsin Lutheran, UW-Platteville, Monmouth, Grinnell, Marian
Augustana 3, Marian 0; Wisconsin Lutheran 3, Illinois College 2; Augustana 3, Grinnell 0; Monmouth 3, Marian 0; UW-Platteville 3, Illinois College 1; Wisconsin Lutheran 3, Monmouth 0; UW-Platteville 3, Grinnell 1.

North Park Classic
UW-River Falls, Nebraska Wesleyan, Aurora, North Park, Knox, Beloit
Knox 3, Beloit 1; UW-River Falls 3, North Park 0; Nebraska Wesleyan 3, North Park 1; Aurora 3, Nebraska Wesleyan 0; Aurora 3, Knox 0; UW-River Falls 3, Beloit 0.

Kalamazoo Tourney
Finlandia, Hiram, Kalamazoo, Anderson
Anderson 3, Finlandia 0; Hiram 3, Finlandia 0.

MSOE, Maranatha Baptist, Macalester
MSOE 3, Macalester 0; Maranatha Baptist 3, MSOE 2; Macalester 3, Maranatha Baptist 1.

Illinois Tech Tri
Illinois Tech, Rockford, Saint Mary’s (Ind.)
Illinois Tech 3, Rockford 0; Saint Mary’s (Ind.) 3, Illinois Tech 0; Saint Mary’s (Ind.) 3, Rockford 0.

Grace Bible Tri
Mount Mary, Grace Bible, Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan 3, Mount Mary 1; Grace Bible 3, Mount Mary 0.

Greenville 3, Webster 1 GC’s Sells had 16 kills, 11 blocks.
Iowa Wesleyan 3, MacMurray 2 IWU’s Schwamborn had 12 kills, 18 digs.
Westminster 3, Principia 0 WC’s Marshall had 13 kills, 14 digs.
Spalding 3, Blackburn 0 SU’s Chase had 11 kills, 10 digs.
Greenville 3, Iowa Wesleyan 0 GC’s Sells hit 13-0-22.
Webster 3, MacMurray 0
Westminster 3, Spalding 2 WC’s Marshall had 27 kills.
Principia 3, Blackburn 0 PC’s Tippetts had 12 kills.

#16 UW-Whitewater 3, Edgewood 0 UWW’s Pfeifer had 12 kills.

Top 25 upset watch
#4 Colorado College 3, Centenary (La.) 0
#4 Colorado College 3, Dallas 0
#7 Southwestern 3, Texas Lutheran 0
#7 Southwestern 3, Schreiner 0
#9 Emory 3, Transylvania 0
#9 Emory 3, Maryville (Tenn.) 0
#11 Texas Dallas 3, Belhaven 0
#13 Eastern 3, Salisbury 1
#13 Eastern 3, Ithaca 0
#14 Carnegie Mellon 3, Ohio Northern 2
#14 Carnegie Mellon 3, Franklin & Marshall 2
#15 Christopher Newport 3, Averett 2
#15 Christopher Newport 3, Scranton 0
#20 Hendrix 3, Oglethorpe 0
#21 Mary Washington 3, Piedmont 0
#21 Mary Washington 3, Covenant 1

-Ricky Nelson


Written by Ricky Nelson

September 17, 2016 at 12:33 am

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  1. just some random thoughts on Chicagoland teams.

    i’m not sure what the wheaton college coach is doing. each year her scheduling has gotten progressively tougher and the results aren’t pretty. since she’s taken over the program 4 years ago, wheaton has played an increasing amount of tough national teams and they’ve gone from a record of 24-12 her first year in 2013 to 12-21, 12-17, and this year at 3-8 and it’s not going to get any easier especially playing in the tough cciw. they have some talented players like Shelby Knowles but not enough talent to play the schedule they do and get positive results. imo they need to find a middle ground in their scheduling to build some confidence not to mention some w’s.

    i’m gonna go out on a limb and predict aurora to win the nacc. not exactly a tough prediction since the nacc seems to be down this year and the bottom 2/3’s of the conference in a word is DREADFUL. however, aurora seems to have a confidence that was lacking last year, a ye, ar I thought they might take a step forward but ended in a 13-18 season. they have a core nucleus of sophomore players and a freshman hitter that seems to have energized the team. senior Peyton Mckenzie has always been one of the most talented players in the conference but who’s play on the court has gone from all-American to what is she doing??? moments, emblematic of her team’s over all play. if the early going is any indication, she and the rest of the team seem to have found a consistency in play that will make them successful. I really like the freshman Katie Vondra the pint sized 5’6 hitter who finds a way to hit the floor with her attacks and who’s already won 2 nacc player of the week awards.

    i’m not sure carroll college going from nacc to the cciw is gonna do anything positive from the volleyball perspective for the conference. they were a middling team in the nacc and now contend in the tough cciw. they are not talented enough to hang with the cciw dogs. while I certainly don’t know how a team gets invited to join a new conference and certainly don’t know the machinations involved in having carroll joined the cciw, my mind starts to wonder if a school like Concordia Wisconsin or uw whitewater wouldn’t have been the better schools to join carthage as the other Wisconsin school in the conference. carroll as it stands now will be battling north park for last place in the conference and don’t be surprised if north park beats them.

    I often wonder if north central and Benedictine shouldn’t be more successful and more talented in volleyball. my only reasoning for this assertion is that the two schools (their campus’ are about 3 miles from each other) happen to reside in one of the most talent rich volleyball recruiting areas of the country headlined by sports performance volleyball club. now to be sure, each school has had some success but no where near where I believe they should be at with all the talented players in the western suburbs of Chicago.


    September 18, 2016 at 9:48 am

  2. Thank you for the comment, Someone.

    As a purely mental exercise, I love the idea of Whitewater either asking to join the CCIW or vice versa. That premise played like a movie to me because so many potential scenes popped into my head. If that proposal were to ever happen, I’d like it known to those mediating that I request a seat in the discussions. I won’t say a word, and you won’t even know I’m there. I promise. I just want to be in that pitch meeting.

    Aurora caught my eye on opening weekend. Still have not watched AU live or online, but I mean to.

    A procedural move, and your point remains intact, but Carroll University reentered the CCIW from the MWC. Speaking of, I was in a pair of MWC volleyball gyms last week, and one of them still had a Carroll sign on the wall. At least one school still has love for the Pios.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    September 18, 2016 at 1:03 pm

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