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Predicting Pool A winners: 2016 edition

This is my sixth season predicting each Pool A conference winner. I count it as a success if my predicted champion wins the regular season and/or the tournament. Tell me where I’m wrong with this year’s choices.

Past season predictions:
2011: 31 of 42 (74 percent)
2012: 30 of 42 (71 percent)
2013: 36 of 43 (84 percent)
2014: 33 of 44 (75 percent)
2015: 34 of 44 (77 percent)

Links below are to each conference’s women’s volleyball page.

Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference
2010 regular season champ: Pitt-Bradford
2010 tournament champ: Pitt-Bradford
2011 predicted champion: Penn State Altoona
2011 regular season champ: Penn State Altoona
2011 tournament champ: Penn State Altoona
2012 predicted champion: Medaille
2012 regular season champ: Penn State Behrend
2012 tournament champ: Medaille
2013 predicted champion: Penn State Behrend
2013 regular season champ: Penn State Behrend
2013 tournament champ: Penn State Behrend
2014 predicted champion: Penn State Behrend (4th regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Penn State Altoona
2014 tournament champ: Franciscan
2015 predicted champion: Penn State Altoona
2015 regular season champ: Medaille, Penn State Altoona
2015 tournament champ: Franciscan
2016 predicted champion: Mount Aloysius

American Southwest Conference
2010 regular season champ: Texas Lutheran, Hardin-Simmons (West); Texas Dallas (East)
2010 tournament champ: Hardin-Simmons
2011 predicted champion: Hardin-Simmons (West), Texas-Dallas (East)
2011 regular season champ: McMurry (West), Texas Dallas (East)
2011 tournament champ: Hardin-Simmons
2012 predicted champion: Hardin-Simmons (West), Texas Dallas (East)
2012 regular season champ: Hardin-Simmons (West), Texas Dallas (East)
2012 tournament champ: Hardin-Simmons
2013 predicted champion: Hardin-Simmons
2013 regular season champ: Texas Dallas
2013 tournament champ: Hardin-Simmons
2014 predicted champion: Texas Dallas (3rd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Mary Hardin-Baylor
2014 tournament champ: Mary Hardin-Baylor
2015 predicted champion: Mary Hardin-Baylor
2015 regular season champ: Texas Dallas (East), Mary Hardin-Baylor (West)
2015 tournament champ: Texas Dallas
2016 predicted champion: Texas Dallas (East), Mary Hardin-Baylor (West)

Capital Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Frostburg
2010 tournament champ: Frostburg
2011 predicted champion: Mary Washington (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Salisbury
2011 tournament champ: Salisbury
2012 predicted champion: Salisbury
2012 regular season champ: Salisbury
2012 tournament champ: Salisbury
2013 predicted champion: Christopher Newport
2013 regular season champ: Christopher Newport
2013 tournament champ: Christopher Newport
2014 predicted champion: Christopher Newport
2014 regular season champ: Christopher Newport
2014 tournament champ: Christopher Newport
2015 predicted champion: Christopher Newport
2015 regular season champ: Christopher Newport
2015 tournament champ: Christopher Newport
2016 predicted champion: Christopher Newport

Centennial Conference
2010 regular season champ: Haverford
2010 tournament champ: Franklin & Marshall
2011 predicted champion: Johns Hopkins
2011 regular season champ: Johns Hopkins
2011 tournament champ: Johns Hopkins
2012 predicted champion: Franklin & Marshall
2012 regular season champ: Franklin & Marshall, Johns Hopkins
2012 tournament champ: Johns Hopkins
2013 predicted champion: Johns Hopkins
2013 regular season champ: Franklin & Marshall
2013 tournament champ: Johns Hopkins
2014 predicted champion: Franklin & Marshall
2014 regular season champ: Haverford, Swarthmore
2014 tournament champ: Franklin & Marshall
2015 predicted champion: Haverford
2015 regular season champ: Haverford, Johns Hopkins, Swarthmore
2015 tournament champ: McDaniel
2016 predicted champion: Swarthmore

City University of New York Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Hunter
2010 tournament champ: Hunter
2011 predicted champion: Hunter
2011 regular season champ: Hunter
2011 tournament champ: Baruch
2012 predicted champion: Baruch
2012 regular season champ: Baruch
2012 tournament champ: Baruch
2013 predicted champion: Baruch
2013 regular season champ: Baruch
2013 tournament champ: Baruch
2014 predicted champion: Baruch (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Hunter
2014 tournament champ: Hunter
2015 predicted champion: Baruch
2015 regular season champ: Baruch
2015 tournament champ: Hunter
2016 predicted champion: Hunter

College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
2010 regular season champ: Millikin
2010 tournament champ: Carthage
2011 predicted champion: Carthage
2011 regular season champ: Carthage
2011 tournament champ: Carthage
2012 predicted champion: Elmhurst
2012 regular season champ: Elmhurst
2012 tournament champ: Elmhurst
2013 predicted champion: Elmhurst
2013 regular season champ: Elmhurst
2013 tournament champ: Elmhurst
2014 predicted champion: Millikin (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Carthage
2014 tournament champ: Carthage
2015 predicted champion: Carthage
2015 regular season champ: Carthage, Illinois Wesleyan, Millikin
2015 tournament champ: Carthage
2016 predicted champion: Elmhurst

Colonial States Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Cabrini
2010 tournament champ: Cabrini
2011 predicted champion: Neumann (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Cabrini
2011 tournament champ: Cabrini
2012 predicted champion: Cabrini (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Neumann
2012 tournament champ: Neumann
2013 predicted champion: Cabrini
2013 regular season champ: Cabrini
2013 tournament champ: Cabrini
2014 predicted champion: Cabrini
2014 regular season champ: Cabrini
2014 tournament champ: Cabrini
2015 predicted champion: Cabrini
2015 regular season champ: Cabrini
2015 tournament champ: Cabrini
2016 predicted champion: Cabrini

Commonwealth Coast Conference
2010 regular season champ: Roger Williams
2010 tournament champ: Roger Williams
2011 predicted champion: Roger Williams
2011 regular season champ: Roger Williams
2011 tournament champ: Roger Williams
2012 predicted champion: Roger Williams
2012 regular season champ: Roger Williams
2012 tournament champ: Roger Williams
2013 predicted champion: Roger Williams
2013 regular season champ: Roger Williams, Salve Regina
2013 tournament champ: Roger Williams
2014 predicted champion: Salve Regina (3rd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Roger Williams
2014 tournament champ: Roger Williams
2015 predicted champion: Roger Williams
2015 regular season champ: Roger Williams
2015 tournament champ: Roger Williams
2016 predicted champion: Roger Williams

Commonwealth Conference
2010 regular season champ: Elizabethtown
2010 tournament champ: Lebanon Valley
2011 predicted champion: Elizabethtown (5th in regular season, DNP in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Messiah
2011 tournament champ: Lebanon Valley
2012 predicted champion: Messiah (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Stevenson
2012 tournament champ: Stevenson
2013 predicted champion: Stevenson
2013 regular season champ: Stevenson
2013 tournament champ: Stevenson
2014 predicted champion: Stevenson
2014 regular season champ: Stevenson
2014 tournament champ: Stevenson
2015 predicted champion: Messiah (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Stevenson
2015 tournament champ: Stevenson
2016 predicted champion: Messiah

Empire 8
2010 regular season champ: Ithaca
2010 tournament champ: Ithaca
2011 predicted champion: Ithaca (5th in regular season, DNP in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Elmira
2011 tournament champ: Nazareth
2012 predicted champion: Elmira
2012 regular season champ: Elmira, Stevens
2012 tournament champ: Nazareth
2013 predicted champion: Stevens
2013 regular season champ: Stevens
2013 tournament champ: Nazareth
2014 predicted champion: Nazareth (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Stevens
2014 tournament champ: Stevens
2015 predicted champion: Stevens
2015 regular season champ: Stevens
2015 tournament champ: Ithaca
2016 predicted champion: Ithaca

Freedom Conference
2010 regular season champ: Eastern
2010 tournament champ: Eastern
2011 predicted champion: Eastern
2011 regular season champ: Eastern
2011 tournament champ: Eastern
2012 predicted champion: Eastern
2012 regular season champ: Eastern
2012 tournament champ: Eastern
2013 predicted champion: Eastern
2013 regular season champ: Eastern
2013 tournament champ: Eastern
2014 predicted champion: Eastern
2014 regular season champ: Eastern
2014 tournament champ: Eastern
2015 predicted champion: Eastern
2015 regular season champ: Eastern
2015 tournament champ: Eastern
2016 predicted champion: Eastern

Great Northeast Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Johnson & Wales
2010 tournament champ: Johnson & Wales
2011 predicted champion: Rivier
2011 regular season champ: Emerson
2011 tournament champ: Rivier
2012 predicted champion: Rivier
2012 regular season champ: Rivier
2012 tournament champ: Emerson
2013 predicted champion: Rivier
2013 regular season champ: Rivier
2013 tournament champ: Rivier
2014 predicted champion: Rivier
2014 regular season champ: Emmanuel, Rivier
2014 tournament champ: Rivier
2015 predicted champion: Rivier
2015 regular season champ: Rivier
2015 tournament champ: Johnson & Wales
2016 predicted champion: Rivier

Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Transylvania
2010 tournament champ: Mount St. Joseph
2011 predicted champion: Transylvania
2011 regular season champ: Rose-Hulman, Bluffton, Hanover, Transylvania, Mount St. Joseph
2011 tournament champ: Rose-Hulman
2012 predicted champion: Hanover (5th in regular season, 5th in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Mount St. Joseph, Transylvania
2012 tournament champ: Mount St. Joseph
2013 predicted champion: Transylvania (2nd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2013 regular season champ: Defiance
2013 tournament champ: Bluffton
2014 predicted champion: Bluffton
2014 regular season champ: Defiance
2014 tournament champ: Bluffton
2015 predicted champion: Bluffton
2015 regular season champ: Hanover
2015 tournament champ: Bluffton
2016 predicted champion: Hanover

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Loras
2010 tournament champ: Wartburg
2011 predicted champion: Wartburg (2nd in regular season, 3rd in tourament)
2011 regular season champ: Coe
2011 tournament champ: Cornell
2012 predicted champion: Wartburg
2012 regular season champ: Wartburg
2012 tournament champ: Wartburg
2013 predicted champion: Wartburg
2013 regular season champ: Wartburg
2013 tournament champ: Wartburg
2014 predicted champion: Coe
2014 regular season champ: Coe
2014 tournament champ: Coe
2015 predicted champion: Buena Vista (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Wartburg
2015 tournament champ: Wartburg
2016 predicted champion: Buena Vista

Landmark Conference
2010 regular season champ: Juniata
2010 tournament champ: Juniata
2011 predicted champion: Juniata
2011 regular season champ: Juniata
2011 tournament champ: Juniata
2012 predicted champion: Juniata
2012 regular season champ: Juniata
2012 tournament champ: Juniata
2013 predicted champion: Juniata
2013 regular season champ: Juniata
2013 tournament champ: Juniata
2014 predicted champion: Juniata
2014 regular season champ: Juniata
2014 tournament champ: Juniata
2015 predicted champion: Juniata
2015 regular season champ: Juniata
2015 tournament champ: Juniata
2016 predicted champion: Juniata

Liberty League
2012 regular season champ: Skidmore
2012 tourney champ: Clarkson
2013 predicted champ: Clarkson
2013 regular season champ: Clarkson
2013 tournament champ: Clarkson
2014 predicted champion: Clarkson
2014 regular season champ: Clarkson
2014 tournament champ: Clarkson
2015 predicted champion: Clarkson
2015 regular season champ: Clarkson
2015 tournament champ: Clarkson
2016 predicted champion: Clarkson

Little East Conference
2010 regular season champ: UMass Boston
2010 tournament champ: UMass Boston
2011 predicted champion: UMass Boston
2011 regular season champ: Plymouth State, UMass Boston
2011 tournament champ: UMass Boston
2012 predicted champion: UMass Boston
2012 regular season champ: UMass Boston, Western Connecticut State
2012 tournament champ: UMass Boston
2013 predicted champion: Western Connecticut State (4th in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2013 regular season champ: UMass Boston
2013 tournament champ: UMass Boston
2014 predicted champion: UMass Boston
2014 regular season champ: UMass Boston
2014 tournament champ: Western Connecticut State
2015 predicted champion: UMass Boston
2015 regular season champ: Keene State, UMass Boston
2015 tournament champ: UMass Boston
2016 predicted champion: UMass Boston

Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Westfield State
2010 tournament champ: Westfield State
2011 predicted champion: Westfield State
2011 regular season champ: Westfield State
2011 tournament champ: Westfield State
2012 predicted champion: Framingham State
2012 regular season champ: Framingham State
2012 tournament champ: Framingham State
2013 predicted champion: Framingham State (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2013 regular season champ: Westfield State
2013 tournament champ: Westfield State
2014 predicted champion: Framingham State
2014 regular season champ: Framingham State
2014 tournament champ: Framingham State
2015 predicted champion: Framingham State
2015 regular season champ: Framingham State, MCLA
2015 tournament champ: Framingham State
2016 predicted champion: Framingham State

Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
2010 regular season champ: Hope
2010 tournament champ: Hope
2011 predicted champion: Calvin
2011 regular season champ: Calvin
2011 tournament champ: Calvin
2012 predicted champion: Hope (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Calvin
2012 tournament champ: Calvin
2013 predicted champion: Calvin
2013 regular season champ: Calvin, Hope
2013 tournament champ: Calvin
2014 predicted champion: Hope
2014 regular season champ: Calvin, Hope
2014 tournament champ: Calvin
2015 predicted champion: Calvin
2015 regular season champ: Calvin
2015 tournament champ: Calvin
2016 predicted champion: Calvin

Midwest Conference
2010 regular season champ: Monmouth
2010 tournament champ: Beloit
2011 predicted champion: St. Norbert
2011 regular season champ: St. Norbert
2011 tournament champ: St. Norbert
2012 predicted champion: St. Norbert (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Cornell
2012 tournament champ: Cornell
2013 predicted champion: Cornell
2013 regular season champ: Cornell
2013 tournament champ: Cornell
2014 predicted champion: Cornell
2014 regular season champ: Cornell
2014 tournament champ: Cornell
2015 predicted champion: Cornell
2015 regular season champ: Cornell, Ripon
2015 tournament champ: Cornell
2016 predicted champion: Cornell

Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: St. Olaf
2010 tournament champ: St. Olaf
2011 predicted champion: Concordia-Moorhead
2011 regular season champ: Concordia-Moorhead, St. Thomas
2011 tournament champ: Concordia-Moorhead
2012 predicted champion: St. Thomas
2012 regular season champ: St. Thomas
2012 tournament champ: St. Thomas
2013 predicted champion: St. Thomas
2013 regular season champ: St. Thomas, Augsburg
2013 tournament champ: St. Thomas
2014 predicted champion: St. Thomas
2014 regular season champ: Augsburg, St. Thomas
2014 tournament champ: St. Thomas
2015 predicted champion: Augsburg (6th in regular season, DNP in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Gustavus Adolphus
2015 tournament champ: Gustavus Adolphus
2016 predicted champion: Bethel

New England Collegiate Conference
2010 regular season champ: Daniel Webster
2010 tournament champ: Lesley
2011 predicted champion: Daniel Webster (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Southern Vermont
2011 tournament champ: Southern Vermont
2012 predicted champion: Southern Vermont
2012 regular season champ: Southern Vermont
2012 tournament champ: Southern Vermont
2013 predicted champion: Southern Vermont
2013 regular season champ: Southern Vermont
2013 tournament champ: Southern Vermont
2014 predicted champion: Newbury (3rd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Regis
2014 tournament champ: Regis
2015 predicted champion: Regis
2015 regular season champ: Regis
2015 tournament champ: Regis
2016 predicted champion: Regis

New England Small College Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Amherst
2010 tournament champ: Middlebury
2011 predicted champion: Amherst (4th in regular season, 5th in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Bowdoin
2011 tournament champ: Bowdoin
2012 predicted champion: Tufts (6th in regular season, 5th in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Connecticut College, Middlebury, Bowdoin
2012 tournament champ: Middlebury
2013 predicted champion: Bowdoin (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2013 regular season champ: Williams
2013 tournament champ: Williams
2014 predicted champion: Williams
2014 regular season champ: Tufts
2014 tournament champ: Williams
2015 predicted champion: Williams (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Bowdoin
2015 tournament champ: Bowdoin
2016 predicted champion: Middlebury

New England Women’s and Men’s Athletics Conference
2010 regular season champ: Springfield
2010 tournament champ: Coast Guard
2011 predicted champion: Coast Guard
2011 regular season champ: Springfield, Coast Guard
2011 tournament champ: Springfield
2012 predicted champion: Coast Guard (4th in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Wellesley
2012 tournament champ: MIT
2013 predicted champion: Wellesley
2013 regular season champ: Springfield, Wellesley
2013 tournament champ: Springfield
2014 predicted champion: Springfield (3rd in regular season, 5th in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Babson, MIT
2014 tournament champ: Babson
2015 predicted champion: Babson
2015 regular season champ: MIT, Springfield
2015 tournament champ: Babson
2016 predicted champion: MIT

New Jersey Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Richard Stockton
2010 tournament champ: Richard Stockton
2011 predicted champion: Richard Stockton
2011 regular season champ: Richard Stockton
2011 tournament champ: Richard Stockton
2012 predicted champion: Richard Stockton
2012 regular season champ: Richard Stockton
2012 tournament champ: Richard Stockton
2013 predicted champion: Richard Stockton
2013 regular season champ: Richard Stockton
2013 tournament champ: Richard Stockton
2014 predicted champion: Richard Stockton
2014 regular season champ: Richard Stockton
2014 tournament champ: Richard Stockton
2015 predicted champion: Stockton
2015 regular season champ: Stockton
2015 tournament champ: Stockton
2016 predicted champion: Stockton

North Atlantic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Maine Maritime
2010 tournament champ: Maine Maritime
2011 predicted champion: Maine Maritime (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Colby-Sawyer
2011 tournament champ: Colby-Sawyer
2012 predicted champion: Maine Maritime (3rd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Colby-Sawyer
2012 tournament champ: Colby-Sawyer
2013 predicted champion: Colby-Sawyer
2013 regular season champ: Colby-Sawyer
2013 tournament champ: Colby-Sawyer
2014 predicted champion: Colby-Sawyer
2014 regular season champ: Colby-Sawyer
2014 tournament champ: Colby-Sawyer
2015 predicted champion: Colby-Sawyer
2015 regular season champ: Colby-Sawyer
2015 tournament champ: Colby-Sawyer
2016 predicted champion: Maine Maritime

North Coast Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Wittenberg
2010 tournament champ: Wittenberg
2011 predicted champion: Wittenberg
2011 regular season champ: Wittenberg
2011 tournament champ: Wittenberg
2012 predicted champion: Wittenberg
2012 regular season champ: Wittenberg
2012 tournament champ: Wittenberg
2013 predicted champion: Wittenberg
2013 regular season champ: Wittenberg
2013 tournament champ: Wittenberg
2014 predicted champion: Wittenberg
2014 regular season champ: Wittenberg
2014 tournament champ: Wittenberg
2015 predicted champion: Wittenberg
2015 regular season champ: Wittenberg
2015 tournament champ: Wittenberg
2016 predicted champion: Wittenberg

North Eastern Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Keuka (North), Gallaudet (South)
2010 tournament champ: Gallaudet
2011 predicted champion: Gallaudet
2011 regular season champ: Penn State Berks
2011 tournament champ: Gallaudet
2012 predicted champion: Gallaudet
2012 regular season champ: Gallaudet
2012 tournament champ: Gallaudet
2013 predicted champion: Gallaudet
2013 regular season champ: Gallaudet, SUNYIT, Keuka
2013 tournament champ: Gallaudet
2014 predicted champion: Gallaudet
2014 regular season champ: Gallaudet
2014 tournament champ: Gallaudet
2015 predicted champion: Gallaudet
2015 regular season champ: SUNY Poly, Wells
2015 tournament champ: Gallaudet
2016 predicted champion: SUNY Poly

Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
2010 regular season champ: Concordia (Wis.)
2010 tournament champ: Dominican
2011 predicted champion: Edgewood
2011 regular season champ: Dominican
2011 tournament champ: Edgewood
2012 predicted champion: Dominican (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Edgewood, Benedictine
2012 tournament champ: Benedictine
2013 predicted champion: Benedictine (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2013 regular season champ: Edgewood
2013 tournament champ: Dominican
2014 predicted champion: Dominican
2014 regular season champ: Dominican
2014 tournament champ: Dominican
2015 predicted champion: Dominican
2015 regular season champ: Edgewood
2015 tournament champ: Dominican
2016 predicted champion: Concordia Wisconsin

Northwest Conference (no tourney)
2010 regular season champ: Whitworth
2011 predicted champion: Whitworth
2011 regular season champ: Whitworth
2012 predicted champion: Pacific Lutheran
2012 regular season champ: Pacific Lutheran
2013 predicted champion: Puget Sound (2nd in regular season)
2013 regular season champ: Pacific Lutheran
2014 predicted champion: Pacific Lutheran
2014 regular season champ: Pacific Lutheran, Whitworth
2015 predicted champion: Whitworth
2015 regular season champ: Whitworth
2016 predicted champion: Whitworth

Ohio Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Heidelberg
2010 tournament champ: Heidelberg
2011 predicted champion: Heidelberg
2011 regular season champ: Heidelberg
2011 tournament champ: Mount Union
2012 predicted champion: Heidelberg (4th in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Mount Union
2012 tournament champ: Otterbein
2013 predicted champion: Mount Union
2013 regular season champ: Mount Union, Heidelberg
2013 tournament champ: Mount Union
2014 predicted champion: Mount Union
2014 regular season champ: Mount Union
2014 tournament champ: Mount Union
2015 predicted champion: John Carroll (5th in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Heidelberg
2015 tournament champ: Heidelberg
2016 predicted champion: Heidelberg

Old Dominion Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Washington and Lee
2010 tournament champ: Randolph-Macon
2011 predicted champion: Washington and Lee
2011 regular season champ: Washington and Lee
2011 tournament champ: Randolph-Macon
2012 predicted champion: Randolph-Macon
2012 regular season champ: Randolph-Macon
2012 tournament champ: Washington and Lee
2013 predicted champion: Washington and Lee
2013 regular season champ: Washington and Lee, Randolph-Macon
2013 tournament champ: Washington and Lee
2014 predicted champion: Randolph-Macon
2014 regular season champ: Randolph-Macon
2014 tournament champ: Washington and Lee
2015 predicted champion: Randolph-Macon
2015 regular season champ: Randolph-Macon
2015 tournament champ: Randolph-Macon
2016 predicted champion: Washington and Lee

Presidents’ Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Thomas More
2010 tournament champ: Thomas More
2011 predicted champion: Thomas More (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: Geneva
2011 tournament champ: Geneva
2012 predicted champion: Geneva (4th in regular season, 5th in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Thomas More
2012 tournament champ: Thomas More
2013 predicted champion: Thomas More
2013 regular season champ: Bethany
2013 tournament champ: Thomas More
2014 predicted champion: Bethany
2014 regular season champ: Bethany, Thomas More
2014 tournament champ: Thomas More
2015 predicted champion: Bethany (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Thomas More
2015 tournament champ: Thomas More
2016 predicted champion: Thomas More

Skyline Conference
2010 regular season champ: Mount Saint Mary
2010 tournament champ: NYU-Poly
2011 predicted champion: Mount Saint Mary
2011 regular season champ: Mount Saint Mary
2011 tournament champ: NYU-Poly
2012 predicted champion: Mount Saint Mary
2012 regular season champ: Mount Saint Mary
2012 tournament champ: Mount Saint Mary
2013 predicted champion: Sage
2013 regular season champ: Sage
2013 tournament champ: St. Joseph’s (Long Island)
2014 predicted champion: Sage
2014 regular season champ: Sage
2014 tournament champ: Sage
2015 predicted champion: St. Joseph’s (Long Island) (3rd in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Mount Saint Vincent, Sage
2015 tournament champ: Mount Saint Vincent
2016 predicted champion: Sage

Southern Athletic Association
2013 regular season champion: Berry
2013 tournament champion: Berry
2014 predicted champion: Berry (4th in regular season, 5th in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Hendrix
2014 tournament champ: Hendrix
2015 predicted champion: Hendrix
2015 regular season champ: Hendrix
2015 tournament champ: Hendrix
2016 predicted champion: Hendrix

Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Cal Lutheran
2010 tournament champ: Cal Lutheran
2011 predicted champion: Occidental
2011 regular season champ: Cal Lutheran
2011 tournament champ: Occidental
2012 predicted champion: Cal Lutheran
2012 regular season champ: Cal Lutheran
2012 tournament champ: Cal Lutheran
2013 predicted champion: Cal Lutheran
2013 regular season champ: Cal Lutheran
2013 tournament champ: Cal Lutheran
2014 predicted champion: Pomona-Pitzer (4th in regular season, 3rd in tournament)
2014 regular season champ: Cal Lutheran
2014 tournament champ: Cal Lutheran
2015 predicted champion: Cal Lutheran
2015 regular season champ: Cal Lutheran, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
2015 tournament champ: Claremont-Mudd-Scripps
2016 predicted champion: Cal Lutheran

Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Colorado College
2010 tournament champ: Colorado College
2011 predicted champion: Southwestern
2011 regular season champ: Southwestern
2011 tournament champ: Colorado College
2012 predicted champion: Colorado College
2012 regular season champ: Colorado College, Trinity (Texas)
2012 tournament champ: Colorado College
2013 predicted champion: Trinity (Texas)
2013 regular season champ: Trinity (Texas)
2013 tournament champ: Trinity (Texas)
2014 predicted champion: Trinity (Texas)
2014 regular season champ: Trinity (Texas)
2014 tournament champ: Trinity (Texas)
2015 predicted champion: Colorado College
2015 regular season champ: Colorado College
2015 tournament champ: Southwestern
2016 predicted champion: Colorado College

St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Greenville
2010 tournament champ: Greenville
2011 predicted champion: Greenville
2011 regular season champ: Webster, Greenville
2011 tournament champ: Webster
2012 predicted champion: Greenville
2012 regular season champ: Greenville, Webster
2012 tournament champ: Webster
2013 predicted champion: Webster
2013 regular season champ: Greenville
2013 tournament champ: Webster
2014 predicted champion: Webster
2014 regular season champ: Greenville
2014 tournament champ: Webster
2015 predicted champion: Westminster (Mo.) (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Greenville
2015 tournament champ: Greenville
2016 predicted champion: Greenville

State University of New York Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Cortland (East), Fredonia (West)
2010 tournament champ: Cortland
2011 predicted champion: Cortland (East), Fredonia (West)
2011 regular season champ: Cortland (East), Fredonia (West)
2011 tournament champ: Cortland
2012 predicted champion: Cortland (East), Fredonia (West)
2012 regular season champ: Cortland (East), Buffalo State (West)
2012 tournament champ: Cortland
2013 predicted champions: New Paltz State
2013 regular season champ: New Paltz State
2013 tournament champ: Buffalo State
2014 predicted champion: New Paltz State
2014 regular season champ: New Paltz State
2014 tournament champ: New Paltz State
2015 predicted champion: SUNY New Paltz (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Brockport
2015 tournament champ: Brockport
2016 predicted champion: Brockport

University Athletic Association
2010 regular season champ: Emory
2010 tournament champ: Emory
2011 predicted champion: Emory
2011 regular season champ: Emory
2011 tournament champ: Washington-St. Louis
2012 predicted champion: Washington-St. Louis
2012 regular season champ: Emory, Chicago, Washington-St. Louis
2012 tournament champ: Emory
2013 predicted champion: Washington-St. Louis
2013 regular season champ: Chicago, Washington-St. Louis
2013 tournament champ: Chicago
2014 predicted champion: Emory
2014 regular season champ: Emory, Washington-St. Louis
2014 tournament champ: Emory
2015 predicted champion: Emory
2015 regular season champ: Emory
2015 tournament champ: Washington-St. Louis
2016 predicted champion: Emory

Upper Midwest Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: St. Scholastica
2010 tournament champ: Northwestern
2011 predicted champion: St. Scholastica
2011 regular season champ: St. Scholastica, Northwestern
2011 tournament champ: St. Scholastica
2012 predicted champion: St. Scholastica (2nd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2012 regular season champ: Northwestern
2012 tournament champ: Northwestern
2013 predicted champion: Northwestern
2013 regular season champ: Northwestern, Minnesota Morris
2013 tournament champ: Northwestern
2014 predicted champion: Northwestern
2014 regular season champ: Northwestern
2014 tournament champ: Northwestern
2015 predicted champion: Northwestern
2015 regular season champ: Northwestern
2015 tournament champ: Northwestern
2016 predicted champion: Northwestern

USA South Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Christopher Newport
2010 tournament champ: Christopher Newport
2011 predicted champion: Christopher Newport
2011 regular season champ: Christopher Newport
2011 tournament champ: Christopher Newport
2012 predicted champion: Christopher Newport
2012 regular season champ: Christopher Newport
2012 tournament champ: Christopher Newport
2013 predicted champions: Averett (North); Maryville (South)
2013 regular season champ: Averett (North); Maryville (South)
2013 tournament champ: Maryville
2014 predicted champion: Averett (North); Maryville (South)
2014 regular season champ: Meredith (North); Maryville (South)
2014 tournament champ: Maryville
2015 predicted champion: Averett (North); Maryville (South)
2015 regular season champ: Averett (North); Covenant (South)
2015 tournament champ: Covenant
2016 predicted champion: Averett (North), Covenant (South)

Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
2010 regular season champ: Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2010 tournament champ: Wisconsin-Platteville
2011 predicted champion: Wisconsin-Platteville (4th in regular season, 4th in tournament)
2011 regular season champ: UW-Stevens Point, UW-Whitewater, UW-Eau Claire
2011 tournament champ: Wisconsin-Whitewater
2012 predicted champion: Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2012 regular season champ: Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2012 tournament champ: Wisconsin-Eau Claire
2013 predicted champion: Wisconsin-Whitewater (3rd in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2013 regular season champ: Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2013 tournament champ: Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2014 predicted champion: Wisconsin-Whitewater
2014 regular season champ: Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wisconsin-Whitewater
2014 tournament champ: Wisconsin-Stevens Point
2015 predicted champion: Wisconsin-Stevens Point (4th in regular season, 2nd in tournament)
2015 regular season champ: Wisconsin-La Crosse, Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2015 tournament champ: Wisconsin-Whitewater
2016 predicted champion: Wisconsin-Whitewater

-Ricky Nelson

Written by Ricky Nelson

July 14, 2016 at 4:11 am

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  1. do you know something about Elmhurst and carthage I don’t? I know carthage lost a good setter but otherwise have every important piece back. Elmhurst on the other hand has a decent setter but not much else. anyways good to see your thoughts.


    July 14, 2016 at 3:26 pm

  2. Just now saw this. VB is coming!

    I had done some work on what teams lost the most stats with senior graduation. Of course, no way to know what is coming into the school and what talent was buried on the bench only to star this year, but…

    By my count, Carthage lost about 40% of their points to senior graduation. This doesn’t take into account assists, which dropped 86%. So, on the surface these are fairly significant losses.

    Elmhurst looks to be losing about 9% of their points to senior graduation.

    Can a school that losses 40% outshine a team that losses only 9%…SURE! Comes down to their depth and incoming (new) players.

    As a side note, I found looking at the 2014 Top 25 teams that there were 6 teams that lost 45% or more in stats to graduating seniors and only Hope made it in the 2015 Top 25. Schools losing less than 10% were ranked higher the following year (includes champion Cal Lu).

    Anyway, time to look at the west and see where Ricky messed up. :-)


    July 14, 2016 at 3:58 pm

  3. Call it a hunch. Elmhurst winning the CCIW isn’t the safest bet out there.

    The CCIW is very deep again this year, and it’s not like Carthage ran away with the league last season. The Lady Reds reaching the national semis maybe made it seem that way.

    Carthage lost, in my opinion, one of the top handful of setters in the country and its top pin. Both were also tremendous leaders.

    Elmhurst returns one of the most dynamic setters in the nation. The Jays also welcome back nearly everyone from a squad that, truth be told, crumbled against top teams. But that was last year. Again, call it a hunch.

    I do not think the CCIW has a clear top team once again this season. I do think the Jays setter is good enough to be the difference over several other very talented teams in that league.

    Elmhurst put together another ridiculous schedule, so we’ll see how much better it competes in the biggest matches. That is if the Jays are better at all this year. Yes, many CCIW teams will play great schedules. However, none are better than Elmhurst’s.

    You (and I’m sure many others) are going to disagree with my order, but I have four CCIW teams in the top 17 of my preseason top 25 and three are in my top 11. I think very highly of the league this year (and most years). My tiebreaker went to who has the best player in the league. I think that player is Elmhurst setter Hannah Nimrick.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 14, 2016 at 4:37 pm

  4. I mess up predictions everywhere. Not to brag, but it’s sort of my thing.
    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 14, 2016 at 4:44 pm

  5. With regards to CCIW, Illinois Wesleyan could be the team to beat there. I’ll make them my bonus pick outside the west. I’ve got to see Nimrick play a couple of times in person and she’s a fun player to watch.


    July 14, 2016 at 5:21 pm

  6. I have 1. EC, 2. IWU, 3. MU, 4. CC. All are comfortably within my national top 25.
    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 14, 2016 at 5:29 pm

  7. Here’s the west roundup no one asked for! :-)

    ASC West

    ETBU was a strong team last year only to fall on hard times at the end of the season, which caused them to miss out on the NCAA Tournament. They really were a two headed monster but will have to figure out a way to do it with one head this year as their middle has graduated. UTD on the other hand lose their setter but return practically everyone else. I agree with Ricky on this one and see an easy path for UTD in the west (and the conference).

    ASC East

    UMHB has been the class of the east for a couple of seasons but they are a soap opera. It’s difficult for me to see how they are replacing their setter. I mean when you list 4 players as S/RS and two are freshman and no true setters how will this work out? They do have some fine hitters and are always strong defensively. I would love to throw a curve ball at Ricky and pick McMurry who is eligible for a regular season conference title but not the NCAA tournament as they go through reclassification but after a good year they face significant losses. In the end, I just don’t see anyone stepping up to pass UMHB so I will agree with Ricky here, as well.


    Ha! Serves you right Santa Cruz! Good job to the NCAA for closing this loop hole.

    Northwest Conference

    Whitworth, Pac Lu and Willamette were the class of a conference that suffered a down year in 2015. Each of these teams will again face significant losses due to senior graduation. Puget Sound, a school strong in the past, also has significant losses. In the end this conference is a crapshoot. Ricky’s choice of Whitworth is probably the smart money but I’ll go with Pac Lu.


    Southwestern and Colorado were the class of this conference last year but SU faces a massive loss of hitting stats. Colorado is a good pick but they lose their outstanding RS and libero. Despite this they will still be there in the end. TLU and Austin College are both up and coming teams which could make this one of the deeper conferences in the nation this year (well, it really is every year). My pick, however, is a young Trinity squad that upset Colorado in the SCAC tournament and will look to win the conference this year.


    La Verne’s NCAA snub last year really hurt because they had a number of really good seniors, and these losses will be too much to overcome this year. Shout-out to Whittier who could make some noise this year. Ricky took Cal Lu last year and this year. I took CMS last year and will stay with them this year. I hate betting against Cal Lu’s Lawrence but CMS returns almost everyone and they know how to play Cal Lu tough. CMS is my early pick to win it all this year.

    NCAA Tournament Bids -> Pac Lu, UTD, Trinity, Colorado College (At Large), CMS, Cal Lu (At Large). The cynic in me assumes the NCAA will snub the west again this year and bring in Calvin and Emory! But, if not, look for Austin College, TLU, ETBU and Whittier to fight for what’s left. History says La Verne and Southwestern will have a down year due to their significant loss in stats due to graduating seniors but history also says they are consistent powers in the west and it wouldn’t surprise me to see one of them make the dance.


    July 14, 2016 at 5:29 pm

  8. The GSAC lost its bid because only five teams remain after the USA South reeled in three more teams to its uber-conference. Leagues are typically allowed a two-year grace period to get back to seven teams, but there may be fine print regarding a Pool A factory that gained championship access just one year prior.

    My preseason top 25 has two very, very highly ranked West teams and another toward the end. And I think we’re roughly on the same page as to which teams those are, especially the “very, very” ones.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 14, 2016 at 5:43 pm

  9. Three from the west? I probably would do four. “Very” 1 and “Very” 2 at/near the top and UTD and CC near the bottom. But as you know…I’m biased.

    Great seeing your post Ricky!!!!!! Lots of great info/work. Made my afternoon!


    July 14, 2016 at 5:49 pm

  10. As far as “at/near,” I went with the former. I snubbed some otherwise worthy teams by including in my top 25, among others, a squad that went 18-16 a year ago. I’m so edgy.

    Edited to add: Yes, it reeks of my overreach on Pomona.

    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 14, 2016 at 5:56 pm

  11. Random notes on stats lost to graduating seniors:

    * Wittenberg loses 49% of their stats. You don’t see anyone from that tough conference passing them by this year?

    * Calvin loses 35% and Hope loses 16% but you still pick Calvin. Probably one of the few that can withstand heavy losses from year-to-year due to their depth.

    * Of all the teams I looked at, Clarkson suffered the worst losses to graduating seniors. 70% of hitting, 85% of setting and 50%/70% of their blocking (block solo/block assists). You still have them winning their conference? Union also suffers big losses. Interested to see if another team can pass them by this year.

    Still amazed you can go through each conference like you do.

    Pomona – Yeah…I still chuckle over that one.


    July 15, 2016 at 12:03 pm

  12. I would normally agree that a team that returns the majority of their starters and point scorers spells success. However the quality of those starters makes a difference. Elmhurst’s OH1 is mediocre at best. Unless Melissa Nava who was a medicall RS last year, returns for a 5th year, the middle attack is mediocre. Their RS attack was inconsistent. But yeah sure, they only lost 9% of their scorers lol. You should look at their hitting percentage to gauge their true value. Check out the OH1 stats from last year. It’s not pretty.


    July 29, 2016 at 11:28 am

  13. Regarding Elmhurst…no dog in the fight as they say.

    However, as you say the 9% loss of points certainly doesn’t account for hitting errors and therefore hitting percentage. But it sounds like you are saying the seniors leaving were efficient players while the ones staying or not. Per their NCAA team stats, that’s not the case. The two seniors leaving were not efficient hitters so it would seem Elmhurst should at least be as good as last year, right? I guess I just didn’t understand your point (no pun intended).

    From the eye test, I will say that Elmhurst is an unusual team that maybe can’t be measured in stats. Their success or failure will come from their setter. Stop her and you might have success. Don’t stop her, and Elmhurst will be a very difficult team to beat.


    July 29, 2016 at 12:02 pm

  14. Elmhurst hit .197% as a team. alli rogers their returning oh1 hit .150% for the season. their returning mh1 hit better than I thought at .275%. their returning rs1 hit .164%. their returning oh2 hit .128%. the seniors they lost contributed little. they have a tougher schedule this year arguably. I don’t see them getting better especially from the leftside attack where most sets go. so unless they have some stud outside coming in and Melissa nava returning, Elmhurst might have a tough go of it. btw, Hannah nimrick the starting setter was their leading hitter at .375%. I don’t know of many successful teams where the setter is the leading hitter on the team. btw, I know many Elmhurst observers will say what a great and dynamic setter nimrick is, but watching her for the past 3 years, I would disagree. her set location has not improved and that’s where I believe she needed the most work. she continues to be a mediocre setter until she shows her set locations.


    July 30, 2016 at 5:13 pm

  15. I believe Millikin will win the CCIW. Their leading outside hitter is back hitting 4.80 k/s .271% for the season. She’s probably the best returning player in the conference. Their middle hitter is also back hitting .310% on the season as well as their starting setter and their 3rd and 4th scoring players. finally someone other than Elmhurst and Carthage will win the conference.


    July 31, 2016 at 6:41 pm

  16. Elmhurst has 5th year senior Melissa Nava coming back from injury which bolsters their middle attack and blocking. This is tremendous news as she was an all-American her junior year but did not play her senior season due to injury. They also have an incoming freshmen outside hitter from Michigan who had offseason surgery but if she is recovered, can be a very nice addition.


    July 31, 2016 at 8:08 pm

  17. As my top 25 suggests, I’m not sure who will win the CCIW this year. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it will be the best league in the country this season. Should be a fun one.
    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 31, 2016 at 10:56 pm

  18. The CCIW is loaded with returning, undersized, go-to OHs. Millikin’s is in the conversation for the best in the league with the the ones from Elmhurst and Wheaton along with the duo from IWU. Personally, I think IWU’s junior is the best of the bunch. However, I also think Elmhurst’s setter is the favorite for player of the year.
    -Ricky Nelson

    Ricky Nelson

    July 31, 2016 at 11:26 pm

  19. They only reason Elmhurst’s setter gets lots of attention is because of her kills. By no means is she a good setter. As a matter of fact I’ve seen her get pulled from matches because she attacks a bit too much when she had the opportunity to set. A setter should not have over 300 kills in a season.


    August 1, 2016 at 10:29 am

  20. “By no means is she a good setter.”

    I think her hitting ability is clouding your overall view of her. Does she have the best hands out there? No. But, she offers something that few other setters can do. Her overall game is excellent.

    At a core level, if someone said Player A hits at .375, you’d say give her the ball, right? I guess the question is whether he volume of attacks decrease the efficiency of her hitters? If she didn’t attack so much would her hitters then get the kills? In my mind a jump setting attack minded setter while on the front row only improves the chances a hitter gets a single blocker.

    I’ve seen a few games of hers. I would agree that during each match I thought she was attacking too much at times. I still came away with the utmost respect for her game and her ability to dominate from the setter position. My 2 cents.


    August 1, 2016 at 10:43 am

  21. Nothing is clouding my judgement of nimrick. Her set locations are NOT good. Her setting is NOT good. Her decision making is NOT good. That’s her #1 job. That’s a setters #1 job. Maybe if she focused on that part of her game instead of trying to lead the team in kills, Elmhurst would be a better.


    August 1, 2016 at 11:05 am

  22. […] polls. This post will be updated as polls are released. Links are to conference poll releases. My picks, if different, are in […]

  23. Hi Ricky,good to see you going strong and looking forward to another season of your info. Here is 2 cents on your NE region picks.
    CCC(Roger Williams), GNAC(Rivier), Little East(Umass-Boston), MASCAC(FraminghamSt.), and NECC(Regis) all are reasonable.
    It will be interesting to see if Umass-Boston can rebound from a tough 2015.

    It appears you were looking for one to change and saw Colby-Sawyer’s record(12-25), but change the NAC pick back quick before too many notice. Colby-Sawyer is a better than average team NE wise(15-20 out of 75+). They are the only school in the NAC that plays even competitive volleyball. Last year they just bit off a very, very tough schedule that was too much. Since joining the NAC for the 2011 season they are 42-0 in regular season and tournament play, having lost 3 sets in those matches. Pencil them in every year like Juniata and Wittenberg.

    NEWMAC: I am going to take Springfield. When on, they are scary. Good size, good athletes. They do lose 4 of 10 rotation players but their top 2 in kills and top 3 in digs return

    MIT is very good, they are quick and athletic, but overall size is a problem.

    Babson graduated 5 core rotation players and 2 subs who played 56 and 60 sets. They are starting over. Clark is the sleeper. Wellesley needs to regain their footing after a couple mediocre seasons.

    NESCAC: I am going to take Williams, from a top 5 again including Amherst, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Tufts. None of these teams would be a big surprise. Conn College will be solid as always but seems a step behind.

    Amherst loses 4 rotation players including their libero and setter. they have a player for the libero spot. The top 2 point getters are back. Setting is the question. a freshman or two might need to help.

    Bowdoin lost an All-American and 1 other rotation player from the NE region championship team. They will need a freshman hitter to come in and play, but all the other key pieces are back.

    I see why you took Middlebury, They did not have a senior on the team last year. The schedule is in their favor as well, they are home for all their big matches. But, last year they just did not give you the same feeling as the other teams.Could a year make the difference? Definitely.

    Tufts loses 2.5 rotation spots (1/2 a setter) and the #1 hitter. They started very strong last year and faded at the end losing 4 of 5 including back to back to Midd to end the year. They have people to step in. Let’s see if they bring in another DI transfer to finally get their first title since their 1996.

    Williams in general is the alpha team in the NESCAC. They get first pick of the high SAT players. Injuries were a problem last year. They lose a 4 year setter and their middles. I think they can probably replace the bigs with people they have. The setter it appears will be a freshman, so we shall see.
    Here is my hunch for picking them. Their 2016 roster, including freshmen, was posted in mid July. That is NEVER done in the NESCAC. Everyone politely waits till the freshmen “make the team in tryouts” and posts the roster a week, or even a few days, before the season starts(3 of 10 other teams have just posted). That detail tells me the coach is very confident in what she has.


    August 31, 2016 at 11:15 am

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