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Ricky Nelson’s 2015 final top 10

The AVCA final poll comes out on Tuesday.

My rank, (my Wk 10 rank, AVCA Wk 10 rank), record, final result
1 (NR,9). Cal Lutheran 31-5 National champion.
2 (5,6). Wittenberg 29-3 National runner-up. 
3 (NR,13). Carthage  35-8 National semifinalist.
4 (NR,NR). Hendrix 29-9 National semifinalist.
5 (1,1). Washington-St. Louis 34-3 Cal Lutheran Regional finalist.
6 (2,2). Emory 34-4 Berry Regional finalist.
7 (3,4). Calvin 30-4 Calvin Regional finalist.
8 (4,3). Juniata 33-3 Juniata Regional finalist.
9 (7,14). Texas Dallas 31-3 Cal Lutheran Regional semifinalist.
10 (6,11). UW-Whitewater 31-5 UW-Whitewater Regional quarterfinalist.
Dropped out: No. 8 Christopher Newport 30-3; No. 9 Colorado College 34-4; No. 10 Southwestern 31-5.

-Ricky Nelson


Written by Ricky Nelson

November 23, 2015 at 3:00 am

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  1. Great work this year Ricky! Not sure what I’m going to do when I stop hitting your site every day.

    Obviously love it that Cal Lu was able to win it all this year. Really amazing they went from being swept in their conference tournament to winning it all. It all came down to having a healthy Lawrence and Eason at the right time.

    Hendrix was fun as they really turned it on as the season went along. It will be interesting if the voters leave them out of the Top 10 on Tuesday. I predict Emory will finish ahead of them in the final vote.

    Anyway, continue to keep watch on that DIII wall Ricky. We want you on that wall. We need you on that wall.


    November 23, 2015 at 10:57 am

  2. Ricky,

    Looking at your rankings, I suppose if one wanted they could try and make a case for Wash-StL as the 3rd ranked team. They beat both Carthage and Hendrix during the year :) Granted they didn’t make the Championship Tournament (see loss to Cal Lutheran), but what the heck might as well stir the pot.

    Also, given the discussion about the Wash-StL trip to CA, I’ve been looking at past regionals and who went where. Lot of data to digest. Some things I’ve noticed, South teams travel a lot, Central and Midwest teams and to some degree Great Lakes teams are interchangeable, New England and New York stay home. More to come as time permits.



    November 23, 2015 at 9:06 pm

  3. I’m not one to automatically put the final four teams in my top four. It just worked out that way this year.

    No argument from me if WUSTL winds up third. No argument if Hendrix were outside someone’s top 10.

    I gave full credit for HC’s win over Emory. Some may say I maybe even gave extra credit for that win. That’s a fair criticism. The Warriors deserve to be considered for fourth. They earned it by knocking off my tournament favorite. Or at least they beat the team that I thought was best and would win the whole thing. Perhaps my premise is faulty.

    There are a few ways to look at final and preseason ballots. With the final poll, as long as you have the obvious team (oftentimes teams) at the top, there is considerable leeway with the rest. It all depends on the individual’s filtering system.

    Thank you for the engagement throughout the season. Feedback is always great. In my view, negative feedback is usually the most useful, but it’s always nice to read the positive. Either way, I’m grateful for an active audience.

    I’m grateful for an audience full stop. I’m not on Facebook. I’m not on Twitter. I don’t advertise. I promote this blog on one message board a few times each postseason. I’ve never taken in a penny for this site. I wrote penny and literally mean “penny.”

    If you see an ad, it wasn’t curated by me nor do I see that ad revenue. WordPress began placing ads on its hosted blogs a couple of years ago, but rest assured that wasn’t my choice. I don’t even know what those ads look like, how prevalent they are, or if they are even placing ads on this site, because I’m always logged in as the admin thus don’t see what you see. I just know WordPress said a couple of years ago that some visitors may start seeing ads and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    When I’m logged in, my own page views are not counted in my site stats. That’s how I determine what content works. If no one clicks on a page, I stop wasting my time doing that page (Standings, Matchups is a good example).

    But all I see are audience numbers. The most specific piece of datum I get is the country in which your ISP is registered, so it’s nice to have a dialog with anyone.

    I’m always curious about who has found this little blog and how they found it because it certainly has matured. If not “matured” then “changed drastically in tone and focus” over the years. The archives from Day 1 – warts and all – are still on the right side. I do miss the days when I had the time and anonymity to write in a more fan-centric and narrative style. Alas, I like to vie for, attain and keep day jobs, too. Archive Ricky was way more fun than Current Corporate Ricky. Such a sellout. The commentary quotient has admittedly taken a dive over the years.

    It didn’t take long for the blog to change from an Oshkosh-specific one. My hope is that, besides the URL and About Me page, you wouldn’t be able to tell that I have a rooting interest in any D III women’s volleyball team.

    I’ll never forget the day I was doing my yearly volunteering at a Lawrence University property in remote Door Country Wisconsin and received an email through the spottiest of spotty Internet connections that said someone was nominating this blog for the AVCA’s top media award. That was the first time I knew someone was reading and not just misclicking their way around WordPress sites. By the way, my Grant Burger Media award snub that year is still legendary.

    This ultra-niche blog that looks like a chore to peruse because it doesn’t have pictures, videos or even an interesting layout theme (you have to pay for some of the best-looking and most user-friendly themes. I like the responsiveness and the in-your-face plainness of this free one though … I love white space) draws hundreds per day and thousands on its better days (when I actually remember to link to it on a very, very popular message board). It’s weird that this blog looks so plain because I certainly have strong opinions about web design. It’s also weird that anyone found this blog in the first place. I’m happy you did.

    tl;dr I’m grateful that anyone found this blog. Thank you for doing so.


    Ricky Nelson

    November 24, 2015 at 1:38 am

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