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2014 AVCA final poll: Hope nearly unanimous

Hope won the national title and claimed all but one first-place vote in the final AVCA poll. [Sigh]

No. 2 Emory, No. 3 Calvin, No. 4 UW-Stevens Point and Wittenberg rounded out the top five.

Other Central and Midwest region teams in the final top 25: No. 6 Washington-St. Louis; No. 12 Carthage; No. 16 St. Thomas; No. 17 Elmhurst; No. 19 Nebraska Wesleyan; No. 20 Cornell; No. 23 Coe; No. 24 Augsburg; No. 25 UW-Whitewater.

Central and Midwest teams receiving votes in the final poll: Saint Benedict; Millikin; Chicago; Northwestern; UW Oshkosh.

My final top 10

-Ricky Nelson


Written by Ricky Nelson

November 25, 2014 at 3:08 pm

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  1. There are 63 voters in the AVCA poll as evidenced by the number of first place votes, which matches the number of voter files.

    I’ve mentioned this before but not every coach votes every week, which has left me confused as to how the AVCA handles this (because the first place votes seem to be reassigned as there are always 63 first place votes). For this final week, a large number of coaches did not vote at all yet we still have 63 first-place votes. Most of these had voted the week previous and had Calvin at #1. Yet Calvin “only” has 1 first place vote. And yes, one coach did have Calvin as their final #1 ranking (which means all of the other non-voting ballots were changed by the AVCA).

    In the past I’ve said that this really doesn’t matter. Only the regional rankings matter but this year we saw that this also doesn’t matter (not trying to rehash that decision) when the West RAC was overruled by the NCAA when they placed an unranked RAC team in the tournament over a RAC ranked team. So, now nothing seems to matter and the transparency that we long for is even more cloudy now.

    Oh, as far as the Calvin voting coach (who also happens to be a RAC member)…I don’t want to mention his name but you can go into the voter’s files if you like. My final thought is that by Scott, it’s just not Wright!


    November 26, 2014 at 8:30 am

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