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Ricky Nelson’s 2013 Week 4 top 10

The AVCA Week 4 poll comes out Tuesday.

My rank, (my Wk 3 rank, AVCA), record, last wk results
1 (1, 1). Calvin (15-0) Won 42 consecutive sets. 
2 (2, 5). Cal Lutheran (14-1) W: Claremont-M-S; Occidental. 
3 (3, 2). Hope (15-1) Lost 4 sets all season. 
4 (4, 4). Emory (18-1) W: Cornell; Randolph-Macon. 
5 (5, 3). St. Thomas (13-1) Two conference sweeps. 
6 (7, 6). Elmhurst (16-1) W: Washington-St. Louis; UW-Eau Claire. 
7 (6, 7). Juniata (15-1) W: Chris. Newport. L: UW-Whitewater. 
8 (8, 8). Mount Union (19-0) W: Geneva. 
9 (9, 12). Saint Benedict (14-1) W: Saint Mary’s (Minn.).
10 (NR, 15). Eastern (16-2) W: UW-Whitewater; Chris. Newport.
Dropped out: No. 10 Washington-St. Louis (11-4).

My top 5 matches of the week:
10/2 St. Thomas vs. Saint Benedict
10/4 Nebraska Wesleyan vs. Colorado College
10/5 St. Thomas vs. Elmhurst
10/5 St. Thomas vs. Coe
10/6 Washington-St. Louis vs. Chicago

Opening up the plug bag
Who had 70 assists in a match over the weekend? The regularly updated Standout Stats page has that answer as well as every other Central or Midwest region player to record 10 blocks, 20 kills, 30 digs or 50 assists in a match this season. Past seasons can be found on the right rail.

Which six D-III teams are still undefeated? Find out on the nightly updated Last Team Standing page, which includes links to team schedules and upcoming matches. Past Last Team Standing winners can be found on the right rail.

Who’s atop the standings and what do I think are the most important matches in each of the Central and Midwest conferences this week? The Standings, Matchups page — updated each weekend — will tell you. Past season standings are on the right rail.

This past Saturday marked the six-year anniversary for the blog. Thank you for finding it. If you like it, tell a friend. If your friend works in sports information, tell him or her that I would like an SID position.

Also, anyone have access to the 2013 Pre-Championship Manual? I’d like a copy.

-Ricky Nelson


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September 29, 2013 at 8:53 pm

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  1. Got to see Colorado College this weekend (playing Southwestern and Schreiner). They were helped by a horrible call (per video) in the 4th set against Southwestern that ended the match when the up ref overruled a line shot. Would have made it 24 all. CC probably still comes out on top but felt cheated as there was more volleyball to play.

    CC looked uneven at times (maybe due to travel) but the talent is there. Seemed to make more errors as the matches got longer. Missed the 5 set Trinity match but they dropped both the 4th and 5th set. Still, a team that I would put up against any of the Top 10 (outside Calvin, Cal Lutheran and Hope) and feel good about.

    Trinity looks really good at times but can also throw up a stinker, too. Figure they jump into the Top 25 now (Mary Hardin Baylor should also break in but history tells me they won’t). In the end the top 3 teams in the SCAC (CC, TU and SU) are fun to watch.


    September 30, 2013 at 8:21 am

  2. Mark me down for the same top 6 in order as you. Then 7) Mt Union 8) Juniata 9) Eastern and 10) Colorado College.

    Top 25 remove Christopher Newport, Carthage and Salisbury. Add UMHB, Trinity and Cornell (Iowa) in that order but interspersed within the 25.

    Would have Augsburg in top 15. Chicago is my 25th team.


    September 30, 2013 at 10:34 am

  3. I had CC at No. 10 after Saturday. Then Sunday happened. Some nice wins, but the schedule to date hasn’t been great. It’s started to pick up though. I have Mount down a bit for similar reasons.

    My 10-12 is Eastern, WUSTL and CC. I almost kept WUSTL at No. 10. Giving Elmhurst a battle without your top hitter is impressive. But I don’t weigh results based on injuries, illnesses, etc. Many good teams are battling through those issues right now.

    Outside of the St. Ben’s locker room, I don’t think anyone has been higher on the Blazers than I. That hasn’t changed, and I understand the skepticism some may have. A good showing against St. Thomas on Wednesday could get people on board. I’m driving the Red Coats’ bandwagon, but there’s room for more passengers.

    -Ricky Nelson


    September 30, 2013 at 11:16 am

  4. Took another look at the Week 3 AVCA ballots to see where others had St. Ben’s. Some have the Blazers higher, but I think 8-12 is what they’ve earned.

    Upon further review another ballot stood out because it didn’t have Cal Lutheran or Mount Union in the top 25. However, Cortland was in that top 25 … at No. 10 and La Verne was at No. 17! Cortland hasn’t been above .500 since Sept. 6, and ULV started the year 1-8 by the way. I hope those were typos because that voter has also been a regional chair.

    -Ricky Nelson


    September 30, 2013 at 11:40 am

  5. Ah, but riddle me this Batman. St. Ben has lost one game (to Augsburg in straight sets). One of Augsburg’s losses…to Colorado College. I can’t jump on the band wagon just yet until you hitch it to CC. :-)

    In all seriousness, injuries are the big X factor. No way for me to even factor them in with limited in person/video watching. Maybe I should just sort my ballot based on losses?


    September 30, 2013 at 11:47 am

  6. […] My Week 4 top 10 was similar to the AVCA poll once again. I like mine better, but the 48 voters wound up with another good poll. I think Mary Hardin-Baylor and Nebraska Wesleyan are deserving of the top 25 this week, but I’m glad to see Williams in there at No. T25. Voters, seriously, why is Christopher Newport still in the top 25? The Captains’ rigorous schedule is commendable, but the results just don’t support the votes. […]

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