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Ricky Nelson’s 2012 Week 3 top 10

This week’s top 10 is like a mind puzzle, an awesome mind puzzle. [that’s for any Arrested Development fans out there]

This team beat that one and that one. That team beat that other one. But what about this other team that beat that other one? I like awesome mind puzzles because I’m a nerd. I also like my top 10 this week, which resembles the AVCA voters’ collective wisdom in the Week 2 poll.

However, I have no problem if you say Hope deserves to be No. 1. Speaking of, the first Hope/Calvin clash of the year is this Friday in Grand Rapids, Mich. My bucket list includes seeing that matchup live, especially when both are in the top five.

The AVCA Week 3 poll comes out on Tuesday.

My rank, (my Week 2 rank, AVCA Week 2 rank), noteworthy results this week
1 (2, 1). Washington-St. Louis 13-1 W: Wittenberg, Calvin, Heidelberg. L: Hope.
2 (6, 5). Calvin 11-1 W: Wittenberg, Heidelberg. L: Washington-St. Louis.
3 (1, 2). Wittenberg 8-2 W: Hope. L: Washington-St. Louis, Calvin.
4 (4, 7). Hope 12-1 W: Washington-St. Louis, Otterbein. L: Wittenberg.
5 (7, 4). Emory 11-2 W: Cal Lutheran, Christopher Newport. L: Southwestern.
6 (5, 4). Christopher Newport 10-2 W: Cal Lutheran. L: Emory.
7 (8, 8). St. Thomas 12-1 W: UW-Whitewater, UW-Stevens Point.
8 (3, 6). Cal Lutheran 8-3 W: Southwestern. L: Christopher Newport, Emory, Westmont.
9 (NR, 9). Cortland 13-0 W: Skidmore.
10 (NR, 11). Puget Sound 7-2 W: Whitworth.
Dropped out: No. 9 Otterbein (8-5); No. 10 UW-Whitewater (10-4).

I’m sure you know, but the Standout Stats, Standings/Big Matchups and Last Team Standing pages are updated. Stats and LTS are updated nightly in most cases. Standings/Matchups is updated on Sundays.

And to get everything in one post, here are my top five matches of the week.
9/18 Elmhurst vs. Carthage
9/21 Elmhurst vs. Emory
9/22 St. Thomas vs. Saint Benedict
9/22 Northwestern vs. St. Scholastica
9/22 UW-Whitewater vs. UW-Eau Claire

-Ricky Nelson


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September 16, 2012 at 11:05 pm

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