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Ricky Nelson’s Week 5 top 10

The AVCA poll comes out tomorrow.
(My rank last week, AVCA rank last week)
1. Washington 17-0 (1, 2)
2. Calvin 15-0 (2, 1)
3. Emory 20-1 (4, 4)
4. Wittenberg 14-2 (3, 3)
5. Eastern 18-1 (5, 5)
6. Christopher Newport 18-2 (6, 6)
7. Carthage 15-2 (7, 7)
8. Southwestern 17-2 (8, 9)
9. Heidelberg 18-2 (10, 8)
10. Concordia-Moorhead 14-3 (NR, 12)
Dropped out: No. 9 St. Thomas (17-3).
Just missed: St. Thomas, Chicago (18-2), Juniata (14-4).

-Ricky Nelson


Written by Ricky Nelson

October 3, 2011 at 3:05 am

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  1. […] AVCA voters and I agree on the top 10 teams this week. We still don’t agree at the top, but the rest is nearly the […]

  2. I’m struggling to understand why you rank Wash U over Calvin (or even Emory for that matter). Wash U hasn’t done anyting special or more impressive than either of the 2 of them. They have played all of 4 matches outside of St. Louis (and anyone who has coached or played in WU Fieldhouse knows that may be one of the worst places to play in DIII vb). Truthfully I thnk the only wins worth noting on their schedule would be over Carthage and CNU. All the others are pretty medioce at best. My guess is when they play UAA Round Robin vs Emory next weekend at a neutral site they will get waxed, and maybe even taken to the wire by UC. I Still think Emory is the top team even though they dropped the 2nd match of the season @Wittenberg. If anything I would say Emory WashU and Calvin are dead even but if i had to, I think the nod goes to the Eagles (then WashU then Calvin). I could be wrong and maybe I always think WashU is ranked too high… but I predict unless they host a regional they lose in the sweet 16 Elite 8 at best (of course it depends on what Regional they line up with on the Elite 8). I don’t know… its just mho.


    October 5, 2011 at 12:15 pm

  3. Those are strong opinions. I like it!

    I had Emory No. 1 until the loss to Witt. I think EU has the most talent, but a loss has to count for something. Not one voter has given EU a top vote since the loss, and I think that’s the correct move. It’s all relative. Do I think EU can beat Calvin and WU? Of course, and it wouldn’t even be an upset. It’s just the nature of polls. Any of the top four teams can beat each other. It’s clear to me that, barring something unforeseen, there is a gap after the top four teams. Not a huge gap but a perceptible one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Witt won the title. I would be surprised if Eastern or any lesser-ranked team won it.

    WU and Calvin is a coin flip at this point. WU has played a stronger schedule than Calvin. I’ve rewarded WU for that. If you say the champ is the champ until someone knocks them off, fine. I get that. Calvin at No. 1 is a matter of preference.

    I will say that you are underestimating Moorhead a bit. If you don’t count that as a really good win for WU, I disagree. Juniata didn’t have a healthy Kelsey Fuller, so that WU win is so-so. I agree that the wins over Whitewater and Colorado this year are expected if you’re a title contender.

    EU/WU is a great rivalry, and along with it come higher stakes in recent years. But an objective observer can’t be faulted for ranking two undefeated title contenders above a third title contender with one loss. At some point I think you have to concede the fact that EU doesn’t deserve the No. 1 ranking right now despite being, perhaps, the most talented team. I understand the frustration. But 24 AVCA voters (and I, to a much lesser degree) have a responsibility to respond to the facts. We’re not predicting at this point; we’re reflecting. I think the preseason poll is for predicting, the in-season polls for reflecting.

    Let the season play out knowing that the world is not shortchanging your team. It is what it is right now. Good luck to your Eagles, who are ranked exactly where they should be right now. Also, good luck to your top competition, who are ranked where they should be. I happen to think that I and three AVCA voters are correct on the order for the to-date facts of the season.



    October 5, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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